[AZ-400] Azure DevOps Monitor with DataDog

Have you come across this interesting term “DataDog”? Datadog is an essential monitoring platform for cloud infrastructure, applications, and logs. They bring together data from servers, containers, databases, and third-party services to make your stack entirely observable. Check out the blog post at & get an overview of Datadog and how by adding this […]

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Docker Compose

[AZ 400] Azure WebApp With Docker Compose

Did you know Azure WebApp and Docker are combined to provide fantastic Container deployment and management? Want to learn what happens when DevOps and Docker team up? Check out the blog post at which covers: • What is Docker Compose? • Creating A Multi-Container Azure WebApp Using Docker Compose • Finding WebApp Docker Container […]

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Branching Strategy

Branching Strategy DevOps | Git Branching Model | Git Branch Policy | Restoring A Deleted Branch

These days Project Collaborations are done using Git Branching for achieving better and easy storage. Are you planning to use Azure DevOps Git Branching, but you’ve no idea about Azure branching and how to set-up it? No worries! Check out the blog post at and get a step-by-step walkthrough of creating Service branches in […]

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Invoke One Integration From Another by Using Call Integration Action

Invoking One Integration From Another | Call Integration Action | Step by Step

Oracle Integration Cloud Service’s Call Integration Action feature to invoke an integration from another integration. Do you know why having multiple small nested integrations rather than having one large integration is useful? It is easier to diagnose errors when you have multiple small nested integrations than a larger one. Want to explore more? Check out […]

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Oracle Integration Cloud OIC

[New Feature] Oracle Integration Cloud Updated UI

Have you checked the new UI (User Interface) that Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) has incorporated? They have built a fantastic UI and have included many new and exciting features as well. Come have a look at all the new features in the blog The blog covers: • Updated Menu Structure • New UI for […]

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Integration b/w Oracle Engagement Cloud, Oracle CPQ & Oracle EBS

Want to learn step by step process on how to use Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)? There is an amazing blog to integrate Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), and Oracle E-Business Suite so that data is synchronized in real-time Explore the blog in detail which covers: • What is Oracle Integration Cloud […]

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Autonomous Database

Connect Oracle Autonomous Database to Object Storage Using SQL Developer Web | Step by Step

We can connect to Autonomous Database using various Database tools like SQL Developer Web, SQL Developer Client, SQL*Plus, and SQLcl, etc. SQL Developer Web is a browser-based application that provides many administration features of desktop-based Oracle SQL Developer. Do you know how to connect to Autonomous Database using SQL Developer Web? Check our blog post […]

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data scientist associate

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate | DP 100 | Step By Step Activity Guides (Hands-On Labs)

Number 1 technology Data Science, Machine Learning has joined hands with Azure, taking it to another level. Getting certified as a Data Scientist gives you the upper hand. Check out this blog to find out all about our Hands-On Lab exercises that help you prepare for the certification course as well as on-ground tasks. […]

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Database sharding in oracle kubernetes

Database Sharding On Oracle Kubernetes (OKE)

Do you know what Database Sharding means? Database Sharding is the concept of splitting the database into multiple databases. Oracle released a new update and now we can deploy Database Sharding on Oracle Kubernetes as well. Want to learn how to deploy Database Sharding on Oracle Kubernetes (OKE)? Check our blog post at which […]

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Proximity Placement Groups

Azure Proximity Placement Groups | When To Use And What To Expect

Microsoft announced that they have made Azure proximity placement groups available for general use. Is your organization planning to make it’s Azure Environment more efficient? A new capability to achieve co-location of your Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) resources and have low network latency among them. Check out the blog post at and explore more. […]

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