Container Database

[Solved] Container Database Setup Incorrectly With Error ORA-65101 For Hybrid DR

While configuring the standby on Oracle Cloud (OCI) using RMAN when trying to restore the standby control file, you may encounter the “ORA-65101: container database set up incorrectly” error. Check out K21Academy’s blog post at that covers the: • Issue Encountered [ORA-65101] • Root Cause • Fix Visit to join our FREE training on […]

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Oracle Apps DBA Training (R12.2)

[Q/A] Oracle Apps DBA Training (R12.2) Day 2: Staging & Installation

As a beginner in Oracle AppsDBA, you must have faced issues & got many doubts on R12.2 Staging and Installation. During our Oracle Apps DBA Training Day 2 live session, we got many questions from our trainees on similar topics. So, in this post, we are covering the Q/As and the concepts behind EBS Installation […]

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policies in oracle cloud

Overview Of Policy & How It Work In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

A Policy plays a vital role in Oracle Cloud, it specifies who can access which OCI resources that your company has, and how. To know more, check out K21Academy’s blog at in which we cover: • Overview Of Policies In Oracle Cloud. • Why We Use Policies? • Scope Of Policies • Steps To […]

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azure resource group

Resource Groups In Azure Portal

A resource group is the first thing you create before creating any resources such as Databases, Compute, Networking, Storage, Web Services and etc. in Azure. Watch this video  by Oracle ACE & Cloud Expert Atul Kumar’s on “Resource Groups in Azure Portal” that will help you in creating Resource Groups. Check more details at […]

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Connect Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute With Oracle FastConnect

Microsoft announced a cloud interoperability collaboration with Oracle that will enable its customers to migrate and run enterprise workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. Want to know more about How to Interconnect between Microsoft Azure Express Route with Oracle Fast Connect? If yes, then check out K21Academy’s blog post at that covers: • […]

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Azure PowerShell

[AZ-103] Microsoft Azure Certification : Azure PowerShell Module & Guide

Azure PowerShell can help you perform tasks like creating and configuring Cloud services, provisioning virtual machines (VMs), setting up virtual networks and launching web applications. It plays a key role in the Microsoft Azure Certification[AZ-103] Exam. Wants to Know more about PowerShell Module & Guide? Check out K21Academy’s blog post at that covers: • […]

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Oracle Integration Cloud Service vs SOA Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC) Vs SOA Cloud Service (SOA CS)

Do you know what the difference between OIC & SOA CS is and what features and functionality they offer and how to choose between them? If yes, then Check K21Academy’s blog post at that covers: • Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Overview • SOA Cloud Service Overview • When To Choose OIC? • When To […]

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Oracle Cloud Backup

Backup Oracle Database on Cloud: Everything You Must Know

Oracle Database Cloud Backup/Restore procedures and tools depend on the database type. In OCI there is a number of backup tools and storage option available. To know more about Backup/Restore Check out K21Academy’s blog post at that covers: • Backup Storage Option In OCI • Types Of Backup Available In OCI • Options To […]

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OIC Instance Creation

[Fixed] OIC Instance Creation Is Stuck In Status: Creating Service

OIC Instance Creation that is stuck at status creating. It is a known issue that has plagued free trial cloud account users. Are you ever stuck in creating OIC Instance? If Yes, then check out K21Academy’s blog post at that covers: • Issue: Oracle Integration-OIC – Instance Creation is Stuck at status: Creating • […]

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[AZ-103] Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification

[AZ-103] Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification: PDF Documentation & Tutorials

AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam validates and demonstrates the expertise of those who are performing the role of Azure Administrator. Want to know more about AZ-103 important Details and Tips? If Yes, then Check K21Academy’s blog post at that will tell you about: ▪ What Is Microsoft Azure Certification? ▪ Why Is Azure Certification […]

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