opmnctl startall fails In EBS R12.2

[Fixed] opmnctl startall fails In EBS R12.2

Did you encounter the “opmnctl startall fails In EBS R12” error after upgrading from EBS 12.2.0 to 12.2.8, while starting the Application Tier? If YES, then check out K21 Academy’s blog post at https://k21academy.com/appsdba64 that covers: • Issue Encountered • Root Cause • Fix Begin your journey towards becoming an Apps DBA Expert by joining […]

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Zero Downtime Migration In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle has recently launched a cloud migration utility named Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM), that will help you in migrating your On-Prem Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud Database (VM DB, ExaCS, Bare Metal, Exadata Cloud at Customer) With the aim of keeping the migration process as simple as possible and minimal downtime on production workloads. If […]

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Shared Oracle Database Home

New Feature: Exadata (ExaCs) DB System: Shared Database Homes

Oracle recently announced that now you can add Oracle Database Homes to an existing Exadata DB system by using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)Console, the API (Rest API), or the CLI (dbaascli). Check out K21 Academy’s blog post at https://k21academy.com/clouddba53 that covers: • What Is Oracle Database Home? • How To Manage DB Home In […]

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Storage Gateway in Oracle Cloud

Storage Gateway In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Storage Gateway In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Do you know that now you can sync your On-Premise Application Data that can write to NFS mount without the pain of writing API to Oracle Cloud Object Storage? This can be achieved with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure feature called “Storage Gateway“. Check out K21Academy’s blog post at […]

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Troubleshooting Blank Screen

[Troubleshooting] Blank Screen On EBS R12 On OCI Post Cloning

Troubleshooting: Blank Screen Post Cloning an EBS(R12) on OCI Have you ever encountered a blank screen on EBS R12 after login? This error might occur while performing the cloning EBS 12.1.3 manually (without EBS Cloud Manager). Check Out K21 Academy’s blog post at https://k21academy.com/ebscloud39 that covers: • Troubleshooting Steps • Root Cause • Fix Begin […]

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Oracle Data Guard Broker

Overview: Oracle Data Guard Broker

Oracle Data Guard Broker Overview Oracle Data Guard Broker is a centralized framework that automates the configuration, management, and monitoring of an Oracle Data Guard configuration. To know more about Data Guard Broker, visit https://k21academy.com/clouddba51 where K21 Academy talks about: ▪Data Guard Broker ▪Its Components ▪Its Features & Configuration Begin your journey towards becoming an […]

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ERP Cloud Adapter

Overview: ERP Cloud Adapter In Oracle Cloud (OIC)

Overview: ERP Cloud Adapter in Oracle Cloud (OIC) One of the connectors that are provided by Oracle Integration Cloud Services is an ERP Cloud Adapter that helps to connect Oracle’s SaaS and many other third-party Clouds & On-premise applications. Check out K21 Academy’s post at https://k21academy.com/oic20 which covers: • What Is ERP Cloud Adapter? • […]

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Compute Instance.

New Feature: Resizing Compute Instance (VM) In OCI

New Feature: Resizing Compute Instance (VM) in OCI Until now, you can’t change the shape of your existing Compute Instance. If your workload increases, your only option was to launch a new instance and reconfigure your applications on the new instance. Now, you can reshape (Scale-Up and Scale-down) an existing instance with a single reboot […]

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Virtual Networking (VCN) Quickstart

[New Feature] Virtual Networking (VCN) Quickstart In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

New Feature: Virtual Networking (VCN) Quickstart in Oracle Cloud (OCI) Oracle has recently introduced a new feature called VCN QuickStart, which makes it easier to set up a VCN with all its default components (Internet Gateway, Subnet, Security List, etc) Check out our post at https://k21academy.com/oci56 which covers: • What Is VCN QuickStart? • VCN […]

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Boot Volume Backup

[New Feature] Backup Boot Volume Across Region In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

[New Feature] Backup Boot Volume Across Region In Oracle Cloud (OCI) Boot Volume that holds the Operating System and its supported files. Practically now we can migrate the complete instance to another region after taking the backup of Boot and Block volumes. Check out K21Academy’s post at https://k21academy.com/oci57 which covers: • Boot Volume Backup Overview […]

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