data transfer service in OCI

Data Transfer Service In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Did you know that with Oracle’s Data Transfer Service you can now copy your data to a hard disk you own? :scream: Data can also be transferred securely and quickly from On-Premise to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage by using an Oracle supplied Data Transfer Appliance. Want to know more about Data Transfer Service […]

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cloud native applications

Cloud-Native Applications In Oracle Cloud

Cloud services have become a big hit technology, and every big company has adopted it. Each company has its own cloud, Oracle has Cloud Infrastructure(OCI), Microsoft has Azure, Google has its own cloud, and the list goes on… So, why wait? Come and learn the cloud technology with us. The term cloud-native gets thrown around […]

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Docker Image

Docker Image And Layer Overview For Beginners

Nowadays, companies are looking for Docker & Kubernetes Administrators. Candidates with hands-on experience on Docker often land up in highly paid jobs. To know about Docker Image, Image Layers, and their usefulness in getting you your dream job, check out K21 Academy’s blog post at Highlights of the blog post are: • Docker Image […]

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compute in oci

Compute in Oracle Cloud (OCI) – VM, BM & Dedicated VM host

Compute is one of the 5 pillars on which OCI is built. Compute is a Linux/Windows machine created on the cloud. It is used to deploy various services depending on application requirements. Do you know about Important concepts of Compute? To know more about Compute in detail, check out this video from Oracle ACE & […]

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Oracle Cloud Region

Region, Availability Domain (AD), Fault Domain (FD) & Realm In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

On 29th May 2020, Oracle added a new Cloud Region in Chuncheon, South Korea. Now, there are 18 Regions and more to come. If you want to know more on this, check out K21Academy’s post at the covers: · What Is A Region? · How To Subscribe To A New Region? · Availability Domain […]

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EBS R12.2 Upgrade

EBS R12.2 Upgrade: Step by Step Activity Guides/Hands-On Labs

Oracle Apps DBAs with 12.2 experience are in high demand. Customers on R12.1 are looking to upgrade to R12.2 to take advantage of the Online Patching feature. Learn the complete upgrade process from our Step-By-Step Hands-On Labs that will help you know how to upgrade your EBS base version to R12.2 and Database to 19c. […]

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Kubernetes Architecture

Kubernetes Architecture, Components (Master & Worker Node) & Managed Kubernetes (AKS, EKS, OKE, GKE)

Kubernetes is used to manage multiple Docker Containers running on multiple hosts. Architecture & Components of Kubernetes include A) Master Node: API Server, Controller, Scheduler, etc… B) Worker Node: Kubelet, cAdvisor, Kube-proxy, Pods/docker Containers Check out our Part 3 of 5 part video series on Kubernetes which covers: ➜ What Is Kubernetes? ➜ Kubernetes Architecture […]

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Resizing Block Volume in OCI

Block/Boot Volume Online Resizing Without Downtime

Oracle has recently released a new feature of Resizing a Block/Boot Volume without the downtime that OCI Architects were eagerly waiting for. With the help of this new feature, you can now increase the size of a boot/block volume without taking your application down. If you want to know more, check out K21Academy’s post at […]

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IAM In OCI – User, Groups, Compartment, Policy, Tags, Federation & MFA

IAM is one of the 5 pillars on which OCI is built. IAM is used for Authentication & Authorization purposes for various resources used in the OCI environment. It is important that you must learn about IAM, To know more about IAM and Compartment in detail, check out this video from Oracle ACE & Cloud […]

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CASB In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

Oracle provides service called CASB in OCI for Security monitoring of services like VCN, Compute instances, DB System, etc. CASB provides features like visibility, threat protection, data protection, and much more! To know more about CASB, check our blog post at that covers: • Overview Of Oracle CASB • Key Features Of CASB • […]

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