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Thanks a lot for your patience for these four days , from now you will see regular update on new technologies including frequently used tools in Apps DBA life .

If you have not seen mostly used Metalink Notes you can check them from left Menu bar under Section “Oracle Apps 11i” with heading Good metalink Notes against Blinking “New” sign . (More Frequently Used & good Metalink Notes coming soon)

I am going to post tonight about shared APPL_TOP in order to understand , I recommend you go through about Different Top in my previous post at

For those who mailed me & I haven’t replied yet, I’ll do it in a day or two as I have long list of mail to reply & I am doing it on FCFS basis. Thanks a lot for your patience.

Atul Kumar
Apps DBA

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Sandeep says September 25, 2006


I would like to mention a point about Metalink notes here. There are two distinct types in Metalink Notes, 1 is White Paper(which is updated & kept generic). 2nd is Problem solution articles written by Oracle Support to help customers.

You could probably make this distinction while posting the same on your website.


Atul Kumar says September 25, 2006

Sure Sandeep, I’ll categories them with categories like whitepaper or how to ? .. in a day or two

Metalink Notes

Afteltfak says October 16, 2008

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janiceenberg says June 15, 2009

I feel I might introduce my self here. My name is Kate, I’m a newbie here, someone told me that i might find some good information here so… basically that’s why I’m here, and for any good advice i might get also… hope to have good time here

Pattvaliemi says October 10, 2009

Im new here and i hope i will contribute to this forum in some way 🙂

Aerosessy says December 26, 2009

Hi Guys,
Just stumbled upon this site. It looks cool and I think I will be having a good time over here.

Welcome me 🙂

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