Tell others how to Become Apps DBA

I thought of making this site more interactive & want others to participate in sharing your knowledge with others.

So those who want to share their knowledge with others on Apps DBA or Linux or any good link which can be helpful to others then shoot a mail to me at or post a comment with your mail ID & I ‘ll grant access to write on this blog.

It can be anything from

Basics of Oracle Apps DBA
Useful scripts for Oracle Apps DBA
Linux or Windows basics
Good Metalink Notes
Other Good Sites related to Oracle Apps
Your learning Experience
Anything on certification
Interview Questions for Oracle Apps DBA

So I am expecting lots of mails or comments from readers who want to share their bit with others.

I want to thank Ramnik & Ravi for sharing lot of useful Information with Others.

Happy Learning

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Anonymous says September 20, 2006

good very good,. thanks

Anonymous says September 21, 2006


You are doing an excellent job. I just saw this note id 262695.1 (under concurrent Manager)under the Metalink Notes section in your blog. I guess this note id does not speak about the concurrent Manager. Please look into this.

Atul Kumar says September 22, 2006

Thanks a lot for informing me , I’ll remove it as soon I get chance .


?*?*? says September 22, 2006

thank you for what you have done.
I want to get some performance tunning for the EBS application. Can you post something about that. For instance , you can tell us how to drilldown the AR,AP,INV,GL,FA data from the GL journal. as also how to get the best performance.

thank you.

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