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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Manmohan Batra (Oracle Apps DBA) as new Administrator of Apps forum at dedicated to Apps DBA’s.
He is an expert in the setup, configuration, implementation of Oracle Applications 11i with Oracle 9i/10g databases on Red Hat ES/AS Linux in multi-node environment in Non-RAC and RAC architecture using Load Balancing with Big IP Hardware Load Balancer and Parallel Concurrent Processing.
He will share his knowledge/experience with us. You can raise your issues, doubts, questions related to Oracle Apps at forum He also implemented Oracle 10g Portal (including OID & SSO) with Oracle E-business Suite for various clients , so if you are planning to integrate 10g AS with E-Business Suite 11i, check for issues & best practice via Forum (

He carry 10+ years of rich implementation experience on Database from 7.3.4 till 10g R2 including RMAN for backup and OEM Grid for performance tuning & monitoring.

I would like to thank Manmohan for sharing his knowledge & spending time in answering queries.

If you wish to help other budding/newbie apps dba’s , feel free to answer others queries.


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fhasweh says November 26, 2006

welcome abord


Atul Kumar says November 26, 2006

Thanks a lot for your & all readers support.


shital says June 2, 2007

I am new to this forum ..I read it frequently .. it is very good ..

i also want to post some questions.

oOgerryOo says December 16, 2007

I’m Gerry.

Just saying hello – I’m new.

roybaronoo says December 28, 2007


Roy here and just saying hi (new).


guru says July 10, 2012


i have applied the r12.0 patch in r12.1.3 it ended up with error whether any problem will occur.Is there any way to undo it .

    Atul Kumar says July 13, 2012

    @ Guru, Only way to undo a apps patch (applied via adpatch) is via restore from backup. To understand if this will cause any issue, check patch log file and see if patch has changed any file or database object. Chances are that patch will understand that system is on higher version and should have error out because of that. Log file is best bet in my view

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