Oracle Dataguard in Apps 11i E-Business Suite as Disaster Recovery

Today lets conclude dataguard/standby configuration & look at Metalink note on Dataguard configuration in Apps 11i with database 9i & 10g.After creating standby control file and moving datafiles, redo log, control file,tnsnames.ora to standby site , start standby database as mentioned below using standby control file.

SQL> startup mount

In order to put standby database in managed recovery you can use


To Cancel recovery you can use

All these sql’s are available in Standby Configuration guide so your can refer guide mentioned in my first post on standby database.

Failover is used if you loose your primary database or wish to break relationship between primary & standby database & convert standby database in to primary database.
Switchover is used to change role of primary to standby & vice versa.

For configuring Dataguard as Disaster Recovery solution in Oracle Applications 11i use Metalink Note # 216212.1 Business Continuity for Oracle Applications Release 11i, Database Releases 9i and 10g

Next level of Business Continuity is Application Server Guard (Currently for Standalone Application Server only) which includes middle tier recovery including database. AS Guard (Application Server Guard) also called as DSA is used for seamless Integration of Disaster Recovery solution for both Middle Tier & Database Tier. I am going to cover how to configure AS Guard in future.

Stay tuned to learn how to configure Single Sign On (SSO) access to HTMLDB / Apex Applications ……

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Andy D. says June 14, 2010

Thanks for the post . Here are some additional specific ones that is very useful as well.

sanjeev kumar nanda says November 27, 2010

Hi Atul,

Can you tell me in failover how the app server would behave in Dataguard .What about patching strategy for e business suit in Dataguard confugartion.


Atul Kumar says November 29, 2010

@ Sanjeev,
For patching (apps patch) you have two options

Apply patch on primary side (database portion i.e. d driver) will automatically go to DR site using data guard now you have two option for middle tier (f and g driver)

a. Use disk replication like rsych to synch appl_tops
b. apply f & g portions (on DR side) after failover.

My preference is a)

For information check metalink note

1068913.1 Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Release 11i Using Oracle 11g Physical Standby Database – Single Instance and Oracle RAC

1070033.1 Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Release 12 Using Oracle 11g Physical Standby Database

anonymas says December 12, 2010

Dear Atul,

Please advise what to check and where to check?

We are on Apps (RDBMS

We are using Socket Mode with https on intranet.
We tried to failover to Physical Standby Database.

we are hitting this error–>

FRM-92050:Failed to connect to the server: app.server.btc:9000
java exception SSL handshake failed: SSLConnectionClosedGraceful

at Source)

at Source)

Our vales of parameters are
OA_HTML/bin/appsweb.cfg –> Parameter serverURL= (no Value)

In xml file parameter s_forms_servlet_serverurl (value is blank)

Would appreciate if anyone can reply this.
There is nothing on metalink reagrding this.
Please do not suggest to read Metalink Note 393128.1 – FRM-92050 SSLException SSLConnectionClosedGraceful On SSL Implementation

Atul Kumar says December 12, 2010

@ anonymas,
Is this issue only on failover site and not on primary site ? (If this is the case then run autoconfig on Failover site and then try).

If you have already done this then check SSL certificate on webserver for primary site is same as SSL certificate on Failover site of webserver (good way to check this is access primary site and see right click on Lock sign at bottom right of IE browser).

We used to hit this issue on our 11i instances where customer was using self signed certificates and fix was to import CA (Certifying Authority) intermediatery CA certificates on client PCs under Jinitiator at $JINITIATOR_DIR\lib\security\certdb.txt (c:\program files\Oracle\JInitiator[version])

Try this and see if this fixes your issues (restart browser on client PC after importing CA certificates).

anonymas says December 13, 2010

Dear Atul,
Thanks for taking your time and giving me expert advise.

1.This never happened on Primary site, Only happened on faulover site.

2. If certificate in $JINITIATOR_DIR\lib\security\certdb.txt not correct then we get some other error like “ SSL handshake failed: Certificate ……” but ours is “ SSL handshake failed: SSLConnectionClosedGraceful”

3.We have run autoconfig number of times on forms/web server”

4.Need your advise on how and what to check –> check SSL certificate on webserver for primary site??

Atul Kumar says December 13, 2010

@ Anonymas,
Right click on SSL lock sign (in IE 6/7 at bottom right and in IE8 it is at top right just after URL) select view certificate

Check : Issuer , Start Date , end date and issued to (Make sure these are same for both primary & secondary).

SSLConnectionClosedGraceful – as per Note 257418.1 (Application is thinking that forms is also cofigured for SSL)

Did you check 257418.1, 300969.1 and 123718.1 on Metalink (Now Oracle my Support)

Atul Kumar says December 13, 2010

@ Anonymas,
Anothre thing to check in context file on both primary and failover site is to check value of


ramesh says December 6, 2011

How to configure dr configuration in read only mode for reporting purpose ..

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