Oracle Fusion Middleware Part II

Lets continue from last post Overview of Fusion Middleware

Business Intelligence
This product covers most of business Intelligence needs in today’s world like ad hoc query analysis, reporting & publishing, dashboards and real time analysis.

Collaboration Suite
This product provides tools to collaborate seamlessly from any application or device in an enterprise. Key component of Collaboration Suite are Real Time Collaboration, Content Services (iFS in past), Workspaces, eMails, Discussions, Calendar . More on this coming soon…

Data Hub
It is central location for your entire enterprise data from all sources to get 360 degree view of enterprise data. You can update & clean you data in data hub and then use application to view this data.

Data Integrator
As name suggest this product integrate vast amount of data across heterogeneous systems. This is based on ELT (Extract Load & Transform) architecture and provide Hot-Pluggable (Drop & Deploy) knowledge modules.

EDA Suite (Event Driven Architecture)
Product to create, process, analyze and manage with as less possible custom coding . component of EDA suite are BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), Business Rules, Enterprise messaging, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), Sensor Edge Server. You will know more about these components in comping topics on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Suite.

Identity Management
OID and Oracle SSO integrated with various other Identity management components like Web Access Control, Federated Identity & user provisioning.

SOA Suite
Product for building , managing & developing SOA’s . Various components of SOA suite are BPEL, Web Service Manager, BAM (Business Activity Manager)

If this post is quite heavy for you , I am going to cover “preparing Oracle Apps R12 Installation on Linux” . I’ll cover on location to download software with Disk labels & staging Oracle Apps R12 software and new features available with Oracle Apps R12 installation.

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InfoCaptor says February 19, 2007

Hi Atul,
Nice website and nice work!


Atul Kumar says February 20, 2007

Thanks Nilesh

charles says June 13, 2007

Atul Goodwork and thanks alot

Alagar says July 24, 2007

Hi Atul,
Good effort.

I have a question. Do you have some information on integrating Oracle web center and EBS R12.

Alagar says July 24, 2007

H Atul,
Good effort and simple website.

Do you have some information on integrating Oracle web center and EBS R12? I am interested in knowing about hosting oracle EBS portlets in web.
Thanks, Alagar, NY, US

Atul Kumar says July 24, 2007

Hi Alagar,
Thanks a lot, Nice pointer regarding EBS portlet on Web. I’ll try to cover them as soon as I have more information with me.

yaznesh says April 11, 2008


this site is good,

but , plz provide downloads and tutorials

plz ,it’s more helpful to us

Tejal says May 13, 2009

Hi Atul,
Good Efforts..
You have any solution for integrating EBS R12 with UCM ?

Khaleel says October 15, 2009

I didn’t find the steps to install Webcenter.

Is there any additional steps required in addition to creating the dehyderation schema for webcenter?

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