Installing Oracle Access Manager (Oblix COREid / Netpoint)

I was working on Identity Management for quite some time & have seen lot of changes, From Netpoint to OblixCOREid to Oracle-Oblix and now Oracle Identity Management , who knows what next. These changes in Identity Management are quite important and at same time required in rapidly changing Information era where management of Identity both from security and SoX compilance point of view is critical.

In today’s post I am going to cover installation order of Oracle Access Manager (Formerly Oblix COREid)

The order of installation is important .

Installation of Access Manager
Access Manager consist of Identity System and Access System.

Phase I – Installing Identity System (Identity Server, Web Pass)

1. First component to be installed is Identity Server
–1.1 Start the installation from /software_location/ Oracle_Access_Manager10_1_4_0_1_XXXX_Identity_Server
–1.2Specify transport security Mode (open, simple, secure)
–1.3 Identify Identity Server
–1.4 Define communication detail (between Identity Server & Directory Server)
–1.5 define directory server details

Webpass can’t be installed on same directory as of Identity Server

2. Then Install Web Pass (Each webpass should have its own webserver)
–2.1 choose install method GUI or command line and start installation from Oracle_Access_Manager_10_1_4_0_1_XXXXX_WebPass
–2.2 Specify transport security mode for webpass
–2.3 Identify web pass configuration details
–2.4 Perform automatic Web Server configuration updates

3. Next Setup Identity system
–3.1 Start setup process from browser, http://server:port/identity/oblix
–3.2 From Idm System console, Specify directory server and data location —-3.3 Specify Object Class details
–3.4 Confirm Object class changes
–3.5 Configure Master administrator
–3.6 Complete identity system setup

4. Add additional identity server instance (Optional Step, This can be done later as well)

Phase II Installing Access System (Policy Manager, Access System, Web Gate)

5. Install Policy Manager Note: Policy manager should be installed on same webserver and same directory level as WebPass
–5.1 Choose install method from GUI or command line /Oracle_Access_Manager_10_1_4_0_1XXXXX_Policy_Manager
–5.2 Identify directory server and Policy data location
–5.3 Specify transport security mode
–5.4 Update web server configuration
–5.5 Finish your Policy manager configuration

6. Next Step is Set up Policy Manager
–6.1 Start policy manager setup using http://servername:port/access/oblix –6.2 Specify directory server details to store policy data
–6.3 Configuring Authentication Schemes
–6.4 Completing policy manager setup

7. Install Access Server (Access server receives request from webgate or access gate(custom) and queries LDAP server for authentication,
authorization and auditing. Before installing access server you need to create instance for it from access console)
— 7.1 Adding an instance in access console (http://servername:port/access/oblix )
–7.2 Install access server
—-7.2.1 Start Installation in GUI or command line mode
—-7.2.2 Specify transport security mode
—-7.2.3 Define Directory server communication details
—-7.2.4 Finish Access Server Installation
—-7.2.5 Add additional access server (optional)

8. Install WebGate
Webgate is web server plug-in that communicates with Access Server for Authentication & Authorisation.
–8.1 Create WebGate Instance from Access Console
–8.2 Associate WebGate Instance with Access Server
–8.3 Install WebGate
–8.4 Update Webgate Web Server Configuration
–8.5 complete finishing task (Updating IIS Server Config, httpd.conf updates)

You can install additional optional components like

– Setting Up Access Manager with Virtual Directory
– Installing SNMP Agent- Installing Additional language
– Installing Audit-to-Database component

OblixCOREid or Oracle Access Manager Architecture and key component’s (Installed above) inter communication coming soon…

About the Author Atul Kumar

Oracle ACE, Author, Speaker and Founder of K21 Technologies & K21 Academy : Specialising in Design, Implement, and Trainings.

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vasavi says January 19, 2009

Hi Atul,

I am trying to install the identity server on top of Oracle Virtual Directory as a user store.How can i install? i didn’t found any option in the installation of identity Server.

Thanks & Regards


Advait says April 10, 2009

Hi Atul,

I am trying to install OAM on Linux x86 and started with Identity Server. However I am getting following error when I started the installation.

Following error is seen in /tmp/Identity.log file

(Apr 10, 2009 3:45:30 AM), Setup.product.install, com.oblix.installshield.ObConfigureLocale, wrn,
(Apr 10, 2009 3:45:32 AM), Setup.product.install, com.oblix.installshield.ObSetDefaultValuesWizardAction, wrn,
(Apr 10, 2009 3:45:53 AM), Setup.product.install, com.oblix.installshield.ObFileListFromFilter, err, The /slot/ems3091/oracle/oam/ids/identity/oblix/configFile/Folder does not exist

The installation directory I specified is /slot/ems3091/oracle/oam/ids.

Any idea about this error? Could you please help me in this?


Advait Deo

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bharathi says June 1, 2010

Hi Atul,

I have a query in OAM. Will it be possible to populate the fields in the self registration page, before the self registration page gets loaded.

Viruls says July 25, 2012

Hi Atul,

while starting the apache web server after copying the OAM specific content to httpd.conf I am getting the follwoing error :

[oracle@oam bin]$ ./apachectl start
httpd: Syntax error on line 80 of /apps/apache2/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load /apps/netpoint/webcomponent/identity/oblix/apps/webpass/bin/ into server: /apps/netpoint/webcomponent/identity/oblix/apps/webpass/bin/ undefined symbol: ap_log_rerror

the line i am getting the error is as follows:

80. LoadModule OBWebPass_Module “/apps/netpoint/webcomponent/identity/oblix/apps/webpass/bin/”


Viruls says July 25, 2012

Please provide me a solution & thank you in advance.


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