Oracle Internet Directory – Basics II

Few years ago, When I started learning Oracle Internet Directory I jumped directly on administration of OID (including start/stop and debugging) without understanding basics of OID. My suggestion is to go through basics first which I am going to cover in this post.

For my first post on OID visit OID from Apps DBA’s eye

Need of Oracle Internet Directory ?
Use of Oracle Internet Directory (Oracle’s LDAP) is much bigger and can’t be explained in this post but here is few bits which you is enough for time being (to get you started on OID).
OID is repository for enterprise users, groups data.
–Information about various applications (Portal, BI, E-Business Suite, Collaboration Suite) registered to OID (You can register E-Business Suite or Database in OID).
–Password policy for Single Sign-On Partner Applications

What are different Daemon/Server in OID ?
There are three servers/daemon in OID

—OIDLDAPDThis is the main server/daemon waiting for ldap request (ldapsearch, ldapadd, ldapmodify, ldapdelete..). When any application want to do any ldap operation(add, modify, delete, search..) on OID object (user, group, application..), that request is fulfilled by this server/daemon.

– also called as Oracle Directory Integration Server, this is used for integration of Various Application (Portal, BI, E-Business Suite/Apps) with OID for user/group data. If any user/group is added/deleted in Portal/BI synchronization of that user to OID is done by this Daemon (Vice Versa). If you have Integrated Apps(11i/R12) with OID/SSO then users is provisioned/de-provisioned using this daemon of OID.

—OIDREPLD – Also called as OID Replication Daemon is used if you have replicated OID. By default this daemon is disabled.
For OID Replication Overview Click Here and to know more about Multi Master Replication click here

How to Start/Stop OID ?
OID Data including status of OID Servers (OIDLAPD, ODISRV OIDREPLD) is stored in Oracle Database so in order to start OID first start Database and Database Listener. Then
To Start OIDopmnctl startproc ias-component=OID
To Stop OID opmnctl stopproc ias-component=OIDOPMNCTL will first start OIDMON (OID Monitoring Process) and then instruct OIDCTL (OID Control) to start OIDLDAPD and ODISRV daemons.Where to find log files related to OID ?
Logs related to OIDMON, OIDCTL, OIDLDAPD should be in $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/log directory , ODISRV related logs should be in $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/ODI/log

More on OID common tasks (including frequently used scripts) and New Features on OID 10.1.4 coming soon …

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