Clone Apps 11i/R12/12i integrated with SSO

Today’s post covers hgh level steps for cloning Oracle Apps Instances (11i/R12/12i) integrated with SSO/OID ( or 10.1.4)

Option available for integration of 11i/R12/12i
Option 1 : Integrate only OID & SSO – In this option you integrate only Infrastructure Tier of 10g AS ( or Identity Management (10.1.4) . This is useful if you wish to integrate Apps for SSO access. Oracle Portal (10.1.4) or Discoverer (10g) is not integrate in this option.

Option 2 : Integrate 10g Portal – In this option you integrate 10g Portal (10.1.4) with Oracle Applications 11i/R12/12i. For Portal install, OID & SSO is must hence when you configure 10g Portal, you integrate OID & SSO by default.

Option 3 : Integrate 10 Portal & Discoverer – This option is similar to option 2 with discoverer as additional component.

Option 4 : Integrate only Discoverer without SSO & OID– Using standalone CD of Discoverer you integrate with E-Business Suite 11i (No OID & SSO)

Top Level Cloning Steps for Apps 11i/R12/12i Integrated with OID/SSO/Portal :
– Clone 11i/R12 instance using rapid clone ( Overview of clone in 11i & R12
– Clone/Stage OID/SSO (for Option1) or Portal/OID/SSO/Discoverer (for Option2)
– Reregister cloned Apps instance to cloned/staged OID/SSO server using with option SetSSOReg

Clone(Stage) OID/SSO/Portal/Discoverer
– If you already have target OID/SSO/Portal instance then you simply have to import portal, Discoverer, OID and SSO Data from source to target instance (Steps & Oracle documentation mentioned in my previous post of cloning/staging OID/SSO/Portal )
– If target OID/SSO/Portal instance is not available, you have to install it first using runInstaller
– Check my previous post on staging/cloning portal  at Stage 10g Portal/OID/SSO 

Once you have target OID/SSO/Portal Instance then Register Cloned Apps Instance to new OID/SSO using 
$FND_TOP/bin/ -script=SetSSORegIf you hit any issues during cloning of Apps Instance with OID/SSO and Portal ; you can raise it in forum dedicated to Apps DBA’s

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Syed says June 1, 2008

Dear all, Help me out if u know
In Our IT Envirnomet we have R12 with Discoverer. OS Sun Sparc 2 Node
DB & Application . Using Shared Apps Tier & Disocverer user on AppTier Server.

Now The ISssue is from the r12 application i am trying to use discoverer its asking password. what i want it shuld not ask passwdord.

i Apply Required Patches as per metalink.
doen several settings but no progress.

bottom point: i Want to use Discverer using Oracle Ebs Application. with out asking password

Atul Kumar says June 2, 2008

373634.1 Using Discoverer 10.1.2 with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12

You have to select option B i.e. Install OracleAS Identity Management Infrastructure 10g ( with 10.1.2 Discoverer/BI

Discoverer (10.1.2) and Infrastructure IdM (10.1.4) should be in two different oracle_home

Attribute enableAppsSSOConnection=”true” should be defined in element of $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/config/configuration.xml

Check more about discoverer 10g connection info check

Kumar says December 18, 2008

Hi atul,

1)Iam having issue that My Production is integrated with SSO server,

2)My have done cloning from PROD to test without Deregistering SSO before cloning

3)Now Cloned Instance needs to Integrte with New SSO server

4)when I trying to Register cloned Instace to SSO server, In log file is showing PROD Information

Can Any one help to resolve this issue


Atul Kumar says December 18, 2008

2)My have done cloning from PROD to test without Deregistering SSO before cloning

You don’t have to deregister SSO from PROD instance

you only have to remove references from target instance (that step will not do anything on source instance, it will only touch target instance)

4)when I trying to Register cloned Instace to SSO server, In log file is showing PROD Information

Now remove references thats it .


Is target OID/SSO instance same as prod
cloned from prod
or new install ?

If 10g SSO/OID is cloned from source then you might have to remove references of APPS source instance from target SSO/OID instance .

(Please read above line carefully)

Kumar says December 18, 2008


I had Removed Referce Data but still Some Prod information in My logfile


Atul Kumar says December 18, 2008

Update logs here to check if this can be ignored or really a serious issue.

What ATG version you are at ?

Vivek Sharma says January 31, 2013

Hi Atul, I bought your ebook from, and could integrate EBS R12 with OAM 11g successfully. Now I want to clone from PROD (Access Manager enabled) to SAND (Different Access Manager enabled). Could you please provide high level steps to do this?


Atul Kumar says January 31, 2013

@ Vivek,
Cloning an OAM deployment os not straight forward. My suggestion would be to reconfigure SAND environment.

Here are high level steps

1. Install OID /OAM as you did for PROD
2. Import Users/Groups from OID@PROD to OID@SAND using ldap export/import (bulkload/ldifwrite) command
3. Install and configure WebGate on new SANDPIT

Unfortunately there is not much you can clone in OAM , check OAM Admin Guide for more information .

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