Oracle Apps 11i DBA Training

DBA’s who wish to quickly learn and upgrade their skillset to Apps DBA, onlineAppsDBA team is offering an intensive online training for 11i Apps DBA (Architecture, Installation, Patching, Cloning, Maintenance).

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This course is useful for quick understanding of Oracle Applications 11i from Apps DBA’s eye, useful if you are planning to move to Oracle Apps DBA domain.

Who is the Audience for this training
This training is primarily designed for DBA’s .

How will the training work?
Instructor will explain and demo Oracle 11i Apps tutorials over a web conferencing software.
You will be given a VPN Connection, to connect to Oracle Apps instance and can practice at your leisure.

How about Audio?
You will listen to the instructor using Skype Software.

What will you learn in this training course?
Everything that you need to know about oracle 11i Apps as DBA. This course will cover day to day task performed by Apps DBA’s like patching/cloning.

What is the schedule for training?
Training is scheduled for 9th,10th,16th,17th & 23rd of February ,2008 . We’ll provide support for next 2 months for any issues, doubts.

How do I get enrolled for the training?
Deposit fee (600 $) to paypal with the help of following link:

After payment email at training @

What is the cost of the training course?
600 $ (Six Hundred US Dollar) for entire course including support for next two months.

What is the content of the course?
Course Content includes the Architecture, Installation, Patching, Cloning & Maintenance.

For further details and course content check this link:

Oracle Apps DBA Course Content

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How can we roll back a patch after applying?

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