Oracle Universal Content Management Architecture

Oracle UCM

Universal Content Management (UCM) : is Oracle Solution for Enterprise Content Management ( from Stellent  )

Oracle Universal Content Management Consist of
Content Server( Offers Repository and Coreservices)
Application Modules which further extend capabilities of Content Server
—— Web Content Management
—— Document Management
—— Records Management
—— Digital Asset Management
—— Imaging and BPM

Content Server
— There are two components of Content Server a) Repository & b) Core Services
— Content Server is foundation of UCM .
— All content (irrespective of type) is stored in repository that makes content server e.g. (email, discussion, documents, reports, spreadsheets, images, multimedia)
— Core Services provided by content server are Library Services, Security, Personalization, Workflow, Conversion, User Input, Search, Administration

UCM Application Modules
1. Web Content Management – Extends Content Server and offer additional feature for creating managing and publishing websites and Portal content. Web Content Management include Content Server, Site Studio, Dynamic Converter, Content Publisher

2. Document Management – Extends Content Server and offer additional feature to capture, secure, share and distribute digital and paper-based documents and reports. Document Management includes Content Server, PDF Converter, Dynamic Converter, Desktop

3. Record Management – Extends Content Server and offer functionality to create, declare, classify, retain and destroy records. Record Management Includes Content Server, Records Manager, Physical Content Manager, Desktop

4. Digital Asset Management – Extends Content Server and offer functionality to manage rich media files. Digital Asset Management includes Content Server, Image Manager, Oracle Video Manager


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meljobin says October 2, 2008

As most of you know, there are very few people that are truly knowledgeable in regards to Stellent / Oracle UCM architecture! I am hoping to network should you know of anyone that would be interested in considering a 3 month project opportunity in the Atlanta area.

If you do happen to know of someone that would be interested in learning more about this opportunity, please feel free to forward my contact information! I am seeking an Oracle UCM (Stellent) Architect / Developer.

I really do appreciate the opportunity to network!


Melanie Jobin
Xpect SVC

lakshmikanthan says November 29, 2008


I want to connect LDAP with content server:

error was showned like this.

Where i want to configure LDAP server?
Really i dont know where i wil get this resouces like provider name,provider class name?
soure path:?
LDAP server:?
LDAP suffix:?
LDAP port:?
LDAP admin DN:?
LDAP admin password:?
what provider class i want give?

i am new one for UCM.
please help me.

could in install LDAP in Linux server?or content server?

please tell how to connect LDAP server with UCM?

am critical suituation please.
Provider Name: LDAP
Provider Description: ldap connection
Connection State: 0 out of 1 connections are good
Connection Error: Error connecting to LDAP server ldap:// Make sure LDAP server is running on specified port and hostname. Error returned is: failed to connect to server
Last Activity Date: 11/25/08 7:48 PM
Provider Type: ldapuser
Provider Class: ldap.ActiveDirectoryLdapProvider
Provider Connection: intradoc.provider.LdapConnection
Source Path: LDAP
LDAP Server:
LDAP Suffix: DC=yantro,DC=com
LDAP Port: 389
Number of connections: 1
Connection timeout:
Priority: 1
Credential Map:
Use Netscape: Yes
SSL Enabled: No
Attribute Map:
Role Prefix: OU=ucm,OU=Security Groups[1] [1]
Default Network Roles:
Filter Groups: Yes
Use Full Group Name: No
LDAP Admin DN: server1\orcladmin

Padmaja says February 27, 2010

Hi Atul,

I am working on an task in which I need to call Java class from one of the include in std_page.htm. Could you please help with this. I was thinking to use Webservices but not sure how to use it.



deepak says May 13, 2010

dear atul pls tell me abt clone error 015055

this is occur during the data base clon

» Integrate UCM (ECM/Content Server) with Microsoft Active Directory as LDAP Provider Online Apps DBA: One Stop Shop for Apps DBA’s says June 1, 2010

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Ranganath N says May 30, 2011

Hi Atul,

I have 2 independent UCM servers. I wanted to use the first one as Contribution and the second one as consumption.

How to configure Auto content Replication between these two servers.

Atul Kumar says May 30, 2011

@ ranganath n,
Is this for 10g UCM or 11g UCM

Ranganath N says May 30, 2011

This is for 11g UCM.

Atul Kumar says May 30, 2011

@ Ranganath N,
You can achieve this using replication feature in UCM

Ranganath N says May 30, 2011

Thanks Atul.

I will try to set this up. If I face any issues , I l let you know.

rvksrinivas says June 7, 2012

This is cool.
Am looking information how to version at the folder level with in UCM.


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