Oracle Apps DBA Online Training

We are back with the bang !!! After receiving great response and readers demand we are announcing Oracle Apps DBA online training from 24th May-08. Course contents for the training

Oracle Apps DBA Training

Day 1
-Oracle Applications Background
Oracle Applications E-business Suite Current,Logical, physical and functional components
-Operating System Configuration
E-Business Suite specific configuration of Oracle Enterprise Linux
-Release 11i Installation
Hands-on installation of E-Business Suite 11.5.10
Walk through of the structure of the installed Oracle Application.

Day 2
-Release 11i Patching
Details of Oracle Application Patching. Explaining Adpatch utilities.
– Release 11i Patching Lab
How to apply Patch ? Practical session.
– Patch Troubleshooting Tips
How to rectify the issues while patching ?

Day 3
-Release 11i AD Utilities
Details of various Ad utilities which can make DBA life easier.
– Release 11i AD Utilities Lab
Actually using and performing hands-on of Utilities.

Day 4
– Release 11i Autoconfig
Details of Autoconfig. What exactly happens while running autoconfig
– Release 11i Autoconfig Lab
Running Autoconfig on the existing Oracle Application.

Day 5
-Release 11i Cloning
Task which Apps DBA perform very frequently. Details and in depth understanding of Rapid Clone utility and process.
– Release 11i Cloning Lab
Actually Performing Cloning operation for the existing Oracle Application

Day 6

-Basics of Concurrent Manager 

Troubleshooting Concurrent Manager

– Miscellaneous Utilities and Concepts
OATM, Shared APPL_TOP, Some downtime reducing Techniques.

Other benefits
– Remote unix access to server to practice at your leisure for two months (with prior appointment)
– Support for next two months for technical issues

Some FAQ’s:

How will the training work?
Instructor will explain and demo Oracle 11i Apps tutorials over a web conferencing software.
You will be given a VPN Connection, to connect to Oracle Apps instance and can practice at your leisure.

How about Audio?
You will listen to the instructor using Skype Software.

What will you learn in this training course?
Everything that you need to know about oracle 11i Apps as DBA. This course will cover day to day task performed by Apps DBA’s like patching/cloning.

How much of the class will be practical?

Trainer will be conducting all sessions practically which you can see remotely at your place & will connect to you through skype, where you can discuss each & every thing with him at the time of session itself

Will R12 features be covered in training?

Though the main focus will be on 11i but trainer will mention new features/differences of R12 as the topic goes on.

What is the schedule for training?
Training is scheduled for 24th,25th,30th May, 1st, 7th and 8th June 2008 . We’ll provide support for next 2 months for any issues, doubts.

What will be the timings of training?

Indian Standard Time (IST)- 5:30 pm

Eastern Standard Time (EST) -8:00 am
Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT)- 12:00 pm

What is the availability of seats?
To keep quality of training to be optimal, we are restricting the capacity to 5 Learners only.

What is the cost of the training course?
625 $ (Six twenty five US Dollars) for entire course including support for next two months.

How do I get enrolled for the training?

Interested users can send email at to get bank details.

For any queries mail us at

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vp says April 22, 2008

hi amit,
i have been trying to call and send emails for the training i would like to join the batch starting on the 26th but there was no response.

Atul says April 23, 2008

Hi VP,
Our Admin team will contact you shortly (If seats are not yet full you should be able to enroll).

VP says April 23, 2008

Atul and Amit thanks for you reply..i got the infor from neha..also i would like to know will the installation be muti-node and cloning muti-node, patching muti-node, how would i be able to listen to the instructor if i am in the USA.
Please let me know..

Marcos says May 3, 2008

I was trying to sign up but did not hear from you.

Atul says May 4, 2008

Seats might be full for this batch but you can check by sending mail to above mentioned addresses

Atul says May 7, 2008

Hi Amit,
One user left comment about how practical this training is ? (Comment is not visible as commentor used Fake ID and spam protector blocked it)

Here is reply to his comment :

We provide hands on practice session on our servers where users can login remotely and install 11i , apply patches or cloning and do practice exercises. We also give complete access to servers on demand so that trainees can practice .

Please use correct contact information so that your comments are not blocked by spam protection software.

shanly says May 13, 2008

Hi Atul,
I need some more information about the course

1. No of Hours of training/day?
2. Will VPN connection to your server be available 24/7 for 2 months if required?
3. Who will be doing the training?
4. Where the training will be from?
5. Will we get any receipt on the payment we make?


Gurunathan says May 30, 2008

I would like to Join APPS DBA course.

Please could you send mail to me


Atul says May 30, 2008

This batch is full , for next batch contact our admin team at training[at]

Siva says February 3, 2011

can you please let me know how much you charge for this and will you provide me all the installation and softwares ? will you provide P….y also?

Atul Kumar says February 5, 2011

@ Siva,
Yes hands-on exercise including installation, patching, cloning are part of course.

For fee and course details check

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