E-Business Suite (Apps) 11i Integration with 10g Application Server OID/SSO/Portal – Training

We are pleased to announce our new Oracle Identity Management (Oracle Single Sign-On and Oracle Internet Directory)  Integration with E-Business (11i) Training commencing on 30th August 2008.

Course Content:

Day 1:

  • Oracle Identity Management Administration
  • Introduction to Oracle Identity Management and Metadata Repository
  • Overview and Architecture of OID & SSO
  • Installation of OID ,SSO & portal

Day 2:

  • Introduction to Oracle Internet Directory Management tool using oidadmin
  • Managing Access Using Oracle Delegated Administration Services (DAS)
  • Administering the OracleAS Single Sign-On Server
  • Partner & External Application in SSO
  • Day today operations & troubleshooting of OID & SSO

Day 3:

Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) 11i Integration with SSO/OID

  • Bi-Directional Provisioning
  • Apps to OID Provisioning
  • OID to Apps Provisioning

User Management

  • Local Access to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i
  • Identifying a User Across the Enterprise
  • Bulk Migration of Users
  • User Provisioning between Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i & Oracle Internet Directory
  • Strategies for User Management

Password Management

Migrating Data between Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Internet Directory

  • Migrating Existing Application Accounts in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i to Oracle Internet Directory
  • Exporting Application Accounts into Intermediate LDIF File
  • Converting Intermediate LDIF file to Final LDIF file
  • Loading Final LDIF file into Oracle Internet Directory
  • Create Subscriptions for Bulkloaded Users

Day 4:

  • Migrating Existing Accounts from Oracle Internet Directory to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i
    —Export Oracle Internet Directory users into LDIF file Using ldifwrite
  • Important Profile Options :
    –Oracle E-Business Suite Single Sign-On Profile Options
    –Linking Accounts Related Profiles
    –Password Related Profiles
    –Provisioning Related Profiles
  • Configuring Directory Integration Platform Provisioning Templates
  • Administering the Provisioning Process
    —Maintaining DIP Server Log Files – E.trc, E.aud, I.trc
  • Manual Subscription Management With Provsubtool
  • Configuring portal with E Business Suite
  • Registering the Oracle Framework Web Provider with Oracle Portal
  • Create OID user(s) and synchronisation with E-Business Suite user(s)
  •   Assign responsibilities to users to access E-Business Suite portlets
  •  Set the E-Business Suite profile options
  •  Create a Portal Page Group and Page for the Applications instance

Some FAQ’s:

What are the pre-requisites for the training?

1. Knowledge of Oracle Applications E-Business Suite Architecture

2. Unix commands and Red Hat Linux OS

How will the training work?
Instructor will explain and demo Oracle 10g AS & Ebiz Integration tutorials over a web conferencing software.
You will be given connectivity details, to connect remotely to Oracle Identity Management instance to practice (hands on installation of OID/SSO, Integration with 11i instance ).

How about Audio?
You will listen to the instructor using Skype Software.

What is the schedule for training?
Training is scheduled for:  6th, 7th, 13th & 14th September 2008

We’ll provide support for next 2 months for any issues, doubts.

What will be the timings of training?

Indian Standard Time (IST) – 5.30 pm

Eastern Standard Time (EST) – 8.00 am

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – 12:00 pm

Pacific Standard Time (PST) – 5:00 am

Mountain Standard Time (MST) – 6:00 am

Central Standard Time (CST) – 7:00 am

What is the duration of each training session?

Each session is of 4-5 hours, depends upon the topics to be covered.

What is the availability of seats?
To keep quality of training to be optimal, we are restricting the capacity to 5 Learners only.

What is the cost of the training course?
650 $ (Six fifty US Dollars) for entire course including support for next two months.

How much of the class will be practical?
Trainer will be conducting all sessions practically which you can see remotely at your place & will connect to you through skype, where you can discuss each & every thing with him at the time of session itself. Later you can do installation of OID and SSO and integration at time given to you.

Interested candidates can fill the below questionnaire & send us confirmation mail.

Our team will get back to you with bank details:

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