Oracle Entitlement Server Patches

If you are looking for patches on Oracle Entitlement Server, here it is.


SSM : 7716200

ADMIN : 7716188

DBConfigTool : 7716171


SSM : 8393978

ADMIN : 8393965

DBConfigTool : 8393975

CP3 :

Admin Server: 9171320

SSM:  9171016

Note: There is no DBConfigTool released in CP3.

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neworacledba says February 26, 2010

This is an informative post

bharathi says June 15, 2010

Are these patches applicable for Windows environment also..?? I am trying to install OES on WLS 10.3.2. After successfully installing I am getting a blank page when the admin console is accessed. Please let me know a way to go through.

Mahendra says June 16, 2010

Hi Bharath,

You have apply CP4 patch if you are installing OES Admin on WLS 10.3.2. Earlier till CP3, OES is certificied with WLS 10.3.1 and not 10.3.2.

So, please apply CP4.

Omar says July 30, 2010

hi there Mahendra I already install the CP4 patch but I cannot login into the admin console. what would you think the problem could be? thanks in advance Mahendra. Best regards / omar

eplata says August 3, 2010

Hi Omar, Mahendra

I had the same problem and i solved uninstalling CP4, installing CP3 and once again installing CP4.

Hope this helps.

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