Oracle Service Registry 11g – Standalone, Discovery, Publication or Intermediate Regitry for SOA Governance

Oracle Service Repository Registry – is UDDI version 3 (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) compliant service registry to publishing, discovery and approval of SOA business Service. [Thanks John for pointing this out] .

Usecase for OSR

i) Register/Publish SOA Business Service
ii) Discover/Search discoverable SOA business Service
iii) Approve published service so that it can be Discovered/Searched


Tasks/Functions/Modes available with OSR

a) Publication Registry : You could deploy OSR in publication mode where you publish, test and approve your SOA Business Services.

b) Discovery Registry : Once SOA business service is approved it is migrated to Discovery Registry where this business SOA services will be searched.

Note* You could have both Publication & Discovery Registry in to single registry server aka Standalone Service Registry.

OSR Key Points
1.Oracle Service Registry (OSR) 11g is consolidation of BEA’s AquaLogic Service Registry (ALSR) and Oracle Service Registry (OSR) 10g.


2. It is possible to run OSR with or withoutapplication server (weblogic server). When you deploy OSR without application server (weblogic) then OSR uses embedded  Jetty Server



3. It is possible to deploy/configure OSR in following way
a) Standalone Registry Configuration – Both Publication and Discovery are configured as Single Service Repository Registry. Same Registry will be used by both business SOA service publishers and business SOA service consumers.

b) Multi-Registry Configuration – This configuration has multiple Registry i.e. one or more Publication Registry and one Discovery Registry. Publication Registry is Service Registry where SOA Business Services will be published, tested and approved on one or more Service Registry (Publication Registry) on approval (automatic or manual) it is migrated to another registry (Discovery Registry) so that approved SOA business Services can be searched/enquired.

Note* If you have Multi-Registry Configuration deployment (with one Publication Registry and One Discovery Registry) then Discovery Registry should be installed first as Discovery Registry Server certificate is needed on Publication Service Registry.

4. To install Oracle Service Registry 11g run  java -jar oracle-service-registry-11.1.1.jar



5. OSR Domain Template installation : This is new deployment feature with OSR 11g . When you use this deployment method, Installer produces all required file + .war file and “WebLogic Domain Template” . It then places these war file and weblogic domain template in Oracle Registry Home and you then run in weblogic server) to create domain and use domain template created earlier.

Note* When you use “WebLogic Domain Template” deployment model ensure to install OSR inside Oracle Middleware Home i.e. install OSR_HOME inside MW_HOME . For more information on various HOMEs in Oracle Fusion Middleware click here

OSR Domain Template deployment model option is available with WebLogic 11g and recommended deployment model.

6. OSR 11g is Supported On/With
a) Operating System – Linux, Solaris, Windows, AIX and HP-UX.
b) Database – Oracle (10g R2, 11g R1/R2), MS-SQL (2005, 2008), DB2 (9.5/9.7)
c) LDAP – OID (, Sun One DS (6.3), MS-AD (2003 & 2008) – For external Authentication
d) Application Server– WebLogic Server (10.3.0, 10.3.1, 10.3.2, 10.3.3)

For list of exact version check OSR certification matrix here
Installing OSR 11g in Active-Active Cluster coming next ….

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John Archer says August 2, 2010

I think you meant Oracle Service Registry vs Oracle Service Repository – there is a product at Oracle called Oracle Enterprise Repository

Atul Kumar says August 3, 2010

@ John,
Thanks for pointing this out (Yes this is Registry), post updated 😉

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Lan says September 8, 2010

Hi Atul

Thanks for your info.

Have you ever integrated Oracle Service Registry 11g(OSR 11g) with Oracle Access Manager(OAM) yet?
Do you think about it ?

Thanks Lan

Atul Kumar says September 8, 2010

@ Lan, No I did not integrate OAM with OSR 11g yet but this shouldn’t be too difficult. Take care of following things.

1. Install OSR with weblogic domain Configuration
2. Install OHS infront of OSR/WEbLogic
3. Configure OHS to route OSR requests to OSR managed server on weblogic
4. In weblogic configure authenticator provider (OAM identity asserter and ldap server in which OAM’s user sit)

5. Configure OSR authentication to LDAP

6. Create policy domain in OAM to protect OSR URL (one coming from OHS)

7. Install webgate (OAM) on OHS

Lan says September 8, 2010

Hi Atul

Happy to hear your steps.

But i think these steps using to integrate OAM with WL, not OSR.
Maybe we need some codes for OSR to read obssocookie.

What do you think about it ?

Dalila says January 12, 2012

Hello, I am not clear what would the process of discovering a Web service within OSR, at design time, so that the service discovered meets my expectations.
Thanks Dalila

Atul Kumar says January 13, 2012

@ Dalila,
OSR is mainly SOA governance product. Lets suppose in your company there are already services created in past and now there is now new requirement by different project and they want to see if they can reuse existing service. They can then query OSR which is called as discovery.

Does this help ?

krishna says November 15, 2013

Hi Atul,

I have installed standalone OSR, after installation am able to access “http://localhost:7101/registry/uddi/web and bsc consoles, but when trying to register UDDI in eclipse I am getting error like “error connecting to UDDI registry: No WSDL:Port has been found for the SOAP operation{urn:uddi-org:api_v3}get_authToken,service{urn:uddi-org:api_v3}UDDI_Inquiry_SoapSerrvice.

can you please help me out.


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