How to install Patches in Oracle Access Manager 10g : Bundle Patch / BPXX

Oracle Access Manager (OAM) is Access Management Product acquired by Oracle from Oblix (earlierNetPoint). OAM is Oracle’s main Single Sign-Onproduct for Fusion Middleware 11g Component (SOA, BAM, WebCenter, BPM, OSB, UCM, OBIEE….). This post is for patching in OAM 10g (10.1.4.X).

Bundle Patch in OAM :  Bundle Patch (BP) is collection of patches grouped in to single patch for specific baseline release (like BPXX for OAM or BPXX for OAM 


Bundle Patch Number for OAM &

OAM BP01 : 8584399
OAM BP02 : 9099113
OAM BP03 : 9402573
OAM BP04 : 9554723  (BP04 is latest patch set (as of 19 Sep 2010) for OAM

Latest BP for OAM is BP11 : 8829778

For list of all Bundle Patch (release wise) check Metalink Note 736372.1  OAM Bundle Patch Release History


Things good to know for Patching in OAM

  • Bundle Patches are cumulative which means OAM BP04 will include BP01, BP02 and BP03
  • Bunlde Patches should be applied to their own specific release which means you should not apply OAM BP04 on OAM release.
  • Apply BP to all components of your OAM deployment i.e. Identity Server, WebPass, Access Server, Policy Manager, WebGate and AccessGate (If you have more than one components like two Identity Servers or three WebGate apply BP on all WebGates/Identity Servers)
  • OAM server components (Identity Server and Access Server) are 32 bit where as OAM Web Components (WebGate, Access Gate, Policy Manager and WebPass) are both 32 bit and 64 bit. Apply BP (Bundle Patch) specific to your component bit (32/64). For 32 bit component apply 32 bit patch where as for 64 bit component apply 64 bit patch.
  • There is no need to uninstall previous bundle patch to apply new patch i.e. (If you are applying BP04 on system with BP03 then there is no need to uninstall BP03.
  • It is possible to uninstall Bundle Patch (BP)
  • patchinst is used to install and uninstall patch ( -u option to uninstall)
  • Make sure you shut down server(Access or Identity Server) or WebServer (for WebGate, Policy Manager) before patching
  • If Bundle Patch Fails, Patch Installer will automatically restore system to pre-patch stage

How to install OAM BP Patch ?

  • Download Patch from Oracle My Support (earlier Metalink)
  • Unzip patch
  • Shutdown OAM Components
  • Apply Patch from $PATH_UNZIP_Directory/ Oracle_Access_Manager10_1_4_X_X_BPXX_[platform]_[component_name]_binary_parameter/patchins[cmd]
  • Repeat this for all components of your OAM Deployment (Identity Server, Access Server, Policy Manager, WebPass, Access Gate, AccessSDK)
  • Start OAM Components

How to uninstall OAM patch ?

$OAM_COMPONENT_INSTALL_DIR/ oblix/ patch/ 1014XXXBPXX/ Oracle_Access_Manager*_binary_parameter/

./patchinst -u  

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