Overview of EGRCM – Governance Risk & Compliance (8.0.1) Installation

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This post covers installation overview of Oracle’s EGRCM (Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance Manager)  version 8.0.1 . You can download Oracle’s EGRCM (Enterprise Governance Risk & compliance Manager) from http://edelivery.oracle.com >> Oracle Governance Risk and Compliance >> Linux x86-84 >> 8.0.1 >> Download


EGRCM 8.0.1 Download Screenshot


  • EGRCM by oracle helps the business to adopt to various compliance and financial reporting and  thus reduce the cost & complexity and helps to create new process efficiencies.
  • EGRCM consist of a loosely coupled functional modules called Application modules which provides integrated system that helps to manage organization’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance objectives
  • It is seeded with GRC Framework Application Module and a Financial Governance Module.
  • Earlier GRCM version 7.8 was available for windows server only with  EGRCM version 8.0.1 you can install it on Linux, Windows, Solaris.


Things good to know about Oracle Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance Manager (8.0.1)

  • GRCM support matrix is available here
  • You can install EGRCM on Oracle/RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 (Update 2 or 3) 64-bit (Certified), while Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2(64bit) is Supported
  • Repository for EGRCM can be Oracle Database (
  • Because install script uses the jar utility to extract the files, jar utility must be in path.
  • Install scripts uses sqlplus to connect to an Oracle database so sqlplus must be in search path.
  • EGRCM 8.X is deployed on top of SOA 11g R1 which in turn requires Weblogic server.
  • Backup your Weblogic domain (default location as user_projects  in middleware home) because Weblogic domain is modified during installation.
  • EGRCM 8.X Integration with directory services other than the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is not supported. (currently only OID or WebLogic’s embedded LDAP server are supported LDAP servers for user store).


EGRC Manager requires :

Mandatory Software 

  • Oracle Database Server 11gR2 ( 64-bit
  • JDK
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g R1PS1 (10.3.2) 64-bit
  • Repository Creation Utility (RCU) 11gR1PS1 (
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1PS1 ( 64-bit
  • Oracle Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Release 8.0.1

Optional Software 

  • Oracle Internet Directory Release – If you wish to login to WebLogic Server using users in Oracle Internet Directory or allow access to your users in OID (OWSM Policy).


Order of the installation

  • Oracle Database Server 11gR2 ( 64-bit
  • JDK (Sun or JRockit)
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g R1PS1 (10.3.2) 64-bit
  • Repository Creation Utility (RCU) 11gR1PS1 (

The following RCU components are required::
ØMetadata Services (MDS schema)
ØSOA Infrastructure (SOAINFRA schema)
ØBusiness Activity Monitoring (ORABAM schema)
ØUser Messaging Service (ORASDPM schema)

  • Oracle BI Publisher 10gR3 ( 64-bit ( optional 64-bit reporting solution)
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1PS1 ( 64-bit
  • Oracle Internet Directory Release, use weblogic’s embedded LDAP instead of OID)
  • Run the Domain Configuration wizard to create a domain. The domain should include following products

ØOracle soa suite –
ØOracle Enterprise Manager- (oracle_common)
ØOracle Business Activity Monitoring-
ØOracle WSM Policy Manager- (oracle_common)
ØOracle JRF – (oracle_common)

  •  Oracle Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Release 8.0.1

For integration of and advanced configuration of EGRCM 7 & 8 contact  support @ onlineAppsDBA.com

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rahul ajmera123 says November 29, 2011

what is minimum hardware requirement for this EGRCM 8.0.1 installation with at max 5 user (i need to install for purely testing purpose)

Atul Kumar says November 30, 2011

@ Rahul,
8 GB should be OK (there is SOA, Admin, GRC app and DB).

We provide eGRCM installation remotely for just just 500 USD . Please contact support [at] onlineAppsDBA.com if you want this to be installed remotely.

niranjan says December 8, 2011

I installed EGRCM with weblogic but i find that after i tried to change the password now am not able to login to admin user.
in GRCC i had changed the admin password successfully using the password shell script but i was using tomcat at that time.
now that i am using weblogic that script does not work throws java errors..any clue ?

Atul Kumar says December 8, 2011

@ niranjan,
Which script you are using to change password ?

Is this weblogic user password we are talking here or something else ?

Syed says May 6, 2013

Hi Atul,

Can we Install Below GRC Products on top of R12.1.3

1)AACG –
2) ETCG –
3)Preventive Controls Governor (PCG 7.3.3)

Or we Required Saperate StandAone Database

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