10g WebGate Installation with OAM 11g : Access Server ID, Port and WebGate ID

Today’s post is in response to query from my eBook E-Business (R12) Integration with OID/OAM for Single Sign-On (Co-Authored with Neha Mittal ) where one of reader asked about Access Server ID detail on 10g WebGate Installation Screen.

When you install 10g WebGate with OAM 11g, WebGate installer will prompt for WebGate ID, Password for WebGate, Access Server ID, Host Name, and Port Number the Access Server Listen To.



During Installation you do not specify Access Server ID and Access ID (on WebGate installation screen) is applicable only for 10g OAM Server. If you are installing 10g WebGate with OAM 11g then you can enter any alpha numeric character on this Access Server ID.


  • WebGate ID: This is the WebGate ID or WebGate Name (agentName) which you define during WebGate instance creation either using RREG or OAM Console
  • Password for WebGate: If you have defined password for WebGate then enter password here else leave this field blank
  • Access Server ID: any alpha numeric name
  • Host Name: Machine name of server on which OAM server is running (If multiple OAM servers are running in HA deployment, enter name of any one host)
  • Port Number: For OAM 11g this is OAM proxy-port (NOT OAM managed server port) , default value 5575 .

How to find value of OAM Proxy-Port: login to OAM Console -> System Configuration (tab) -> expand Server Instances and select OAM Server. In right panel under tab Proxy look for value assigned for port.


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Jyothi says May 2, 2012

Atul, I have set up Oracle Identity and Access Management envt for Fustion application.

The Webgate/SSO is working for admin consoles such as wls, EM, OIM and OAM using weblogic_idm id.

My understanding is, I can set authentication and authorization in OAM for any other application also.

I just deployed hello.war into OAM server ( just for testing purpose). I wanted to provide authentication feature for resource /hello/*

I created host identifier (oamhost and port 14100), application domain, created resource for /hello/*, created authentication policy for this resource (used LDAPScheme), created authorization policy for this resource (constraint with group
orclFAUserReadPrivilegeGroup in OIMIDStore ..just for testing purpose), I added my user id to this group in the OID.

In the OHS admin.conf, I mapped webhost1:7777/hello to oamhost, port 14100.

I was thinking when I access http://webhost1:7777/hello, OAM will display SSO page with login prompt.

But it is directly displaying my hello page.

Can you please guide me why OAM is not providing me SSO page for hello page.

Appreciate your help.

thank you

Jyothi says May 2, 2012

BTW, in OAM console, I can see LDAPAuthentication policy and LDAPGroupAuthorization policy are assigned to the resource mapped to /hello/*.

I had created LDAPAuthentication and LDAPGroupAuthorization. In LDAPGroupAuthorization poilicy, mentioned the group as orclFAUserReadPrivilegeGroup (just for testing purpose.. ). I hope this should be ok.


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