Integration of OID with Oracle Entitlement Server(OES) 11g

Weblogic and OID(Oracle Internet Directory) integration is required for OES to use external roles and users from OID.

Steps to do this integration are as follows:

1. Login to weblogic console Eg: http://localhost:7001/console where OES server is deployed.

Weblogic admin console  http://localhost:7001/console

OES admin console http://localhost:7001/apm

2. Configure a new OID authenticator in weblogic.

3. Once the new authenticated is created reorder the authenticator.

4. Ensure Default Authenticator is configured to Sufficient.

5. Update jps-config.xml in the following location where OES is installed Eg: $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/oes_domain/config/fmwconfig

<serviceInstance provider=”idstore.ldap.provider” name=”idstore.ldap”>

                <property value=”” name=”idstore.config.provider”/>

               <property value=”” name=”CONNECTION_POOL_CLASS”/>

                <property name=”idstore.type” value=”OID”/>


6. Restart Weblogic.

7. After restart you can verify by login to OES apm console using users in OID.

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ssarkar says May 10, 2012

Why can I not see the users in oid through apm ?

ssarkar says May 10, 2012

I have oes installed and want to integrate with OID so that I can user external roles and users from OID instead of having to create them in embedded ldap associated with the weblogic server of the OES installation.


Mahendra says May 10, 2012


After making changes in weblogic console for OIDAuthenticator, are you able to start the weblogic fine? Have you defined the flag as SUFFICIENT for OID Authenticator?

Are you able to see the user atleast in weblogic console?

ssarkar says May 11, 2012

Yes I can see all the users in weblogic console but when I search them in APM they do not show up. The only users I see in APM are the one from Embedded LDAP

srivatsa says August 22, 2012

Hi Shilu,
I am integrating OES with OIM..i installed OES and OIM with the same admin server. now i can edit the OIM default groups permission from OES..but i am not able to see the Custom Roles which is created in OIM under External roles of OES.

Can you please provide me the steps to achive the above.

Thank you

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