My Experience Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g Administration Training : Day 1

I recently conducted a Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g training for one of my client. I personally feel that best part about delivering such an interactive trainings is you get exposure to different business scenarios that different enterprises have, and the way they want to use the product.

This one is a 5 day long training spread over 3 weeks over weekends to give trainees enough room to perform hands-on and come up with doubts/issues faced during the training.

Below are few highlights on  the activities and tasks we did on Day1 and Day2 on this extensive hands-on OAM 11g training.

Day 1

Oracle Access Manager is part of Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite and recommended single sign-on solution for all Oracle Products including Fusion Application .

Focus on Day1 was on understanding the Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) Architecture and Concepts that is foundation of Oracle IAM suite. This gives visibility of FMW to all trainees and helps them to understand basics of Fusion Middleware before jumping to OAM concepts.

We covered in detail

  1. Oracle Weblogic server
  • Architecture and Concept – WebLogic Domain, WebLogic Admin Server, Managed Server , Cluster (Vertical VS Horizontal), Node Manager and WebLogic High Availability (HA) overview.
  • Various Homes created after installation (MW_HOME, WL_HOME, ORACLE_COMMON_HOME, ORACLE_HOME, DOMAIN_HOME) and usage of each directory
  • Answer to interesting questions like:
    Q: How to find Middleware Home location (all you know is O.S. username).
    Q: How to find WebLogic version.
    Q: How you find the Domain Home location ?
    Q: How you find what all products are installed in an existing Middleware Home (MW_HOME)
    Q: How do you delegate specific roles (Admin, Read Only, Manage Only) to weblogic users
  • Process and utility to upgrade WebLogic Server using BEA Smart Update (BSU) Utility
  • Brief about upgrading various Oracle FMW products
  • Understanding usage of Java in context of fusion middleware, 32 bit vs 64 bit, Installing JDK (Sun and Jrockit).

2. Oracle IAM

  • Oracle IAM- Architecture and concepts
  • Overview of Oracle IAM Components – Identity Administration, Access Management, Directory Services, Identity Governance, Security framework and Management Tools.
  • Necessity of Oracle Access Manager.
  • OAM Architecture and high level overview of components in OAM.
  • Overview on highlevel Client side integration with OAM
  • End-to-End User Access  Request Flow.

Trainees had lots of  interesting doubts , i am sharing few below:

  • Can  OAM be used for deny or allow a resource access based on his role.
  • Can OAM be configured  for presenting  multiple authentication challenges like smart cards and UserName/password, not only in a mode of having all of above as mandatory inputs from user but also as an “If-Then-Else” or “OR” condition
  • Different scenrios applicable for external and internal users of an enterprise
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More on day 2, 3, 4, and 5 experience later.

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