OIM 11g : SQL to List User’s Manager

User details in Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) are stored in table USR . Column USR_KEY is primary key for user, USR_LOGIN is login ID and USR_MANAGER_KEY refers to manager for that User (Note: USR_MANAGER column is not used to store manager’s detail)

To list user’s manager name in OIM run below query

SQL> select usr_login, usr_display_name, usr_email, ( Select U2.usr_display_name from usr U2 where U2.usr_key = U1.usr_manager_key and rownum < 2) as mgr_name from USR U1 ;


You should see output like

AtulKumar (This is the login ID)
Atul, Kumar (This is the Display Name)
atul@xyz.com (This is email address of user) 
Neha, Mittal (Display Name of Manager for user Atul Kumar)




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