FREE Webinar : Saturday 9th Jan : SSL in WebLogic / SOA / WebLogic & OHS

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SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and TLS is for Transport Layer Security where SSL 3.0 is predecessor of TLS 1.0.

TLS V1.0 was always considered to be little more secure than its predecessor SSL 3.0 however with POODLE vulnerability SSL v3.0 is now completely insecure (Are you still using SSL 3.0 in your Oracle Implementation ? Disable SSL 3.0 and move to TLS immediately)

SSL is one the key important configuration in Oracle Fusion Middleware Deployment specially for external facing applications; be it for Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle SOA, Oracle Web Server (OHS) or any other Oracle Fusion Middleware component like WebLogic Server.

Looking at kind of questions we get in our Oracle Fusion Middleware Training (Yes we cover SSL in detail including High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Deployment, SOA, OBIEE, WebCenter, WebLogic and OHS) I decided to run a FREE Webinar on SSL in Oracle Fusion Middleware (OHS, WebLogic, SOA etc) . This webinar will be for 1 Hour on 9th January 2016 (Saturday) at 7:30 AM PST, 10:30 AM EST, 3:30 PM GMT (London Time), and 9:00 PM IST (Indian Standard Time).

In this Webinar I am going to cover What is SSL, Private & Public Key, Root & Intermediate Certificates, Trust and Identity certificates, Wallet and key stores in Oracle Fusion Middleware components, SSL Termination and various common SSL deployments in Oracle Fusion Middleware components.

You will get opportunity to ask me any question related to SSL in Oracle or any other topic related to Oracle Fusion Middleware . Register for this FREE webinar here , seats get filled up very quickly so ensure that you register as soon as possible (Yes in last webinar 276 registered) and join 5 minutes before session starts .
If You wish to look at our Training on Oracle Fusion Middleware then check here (Most comprehensive course with hands-on exercises related to tasks that you would do during Oracle Fusion Middleware Implementation like SOA, OBIEE, WebLogic, OHS, WebCenter etc)

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Sunil says January 12, 2016

Any links to Webiner?

    Atul Kumar says January 20, 2016

    @Sunil, Webinar link was in the post itself and this webinar is now over

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