Azure Containers & Kubernetes

Containers, Docker & Kubernetes On Azure For Beginners

Docker is nothing but a Container by Docker Inc.

A container is like a Virtual Machine (VM) but isn’t dependent on the Operating System (OS). This allows users to create multiple workloads on a single OS instance.

Industries are moving towards Containers as they are lightweightfast to launch, and excellent for CI/CD implementation. 

Docker & Kubernetes have also been incorporated in Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator.

For more information, watch K21Academy’s video by Oracle ACE & Cloud Expert Atul Kumar that talks about:


☛ What is a Container?
☛ What is Docker?
☛ Difference Between Virtual Machine & Container (Docker)
☛ Docker Engine Components
☛ Docker Architecture & Components
☛ Azure Container Instances (ACI)
☛ What is Kubernetes?
☛ Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

Here’s a blog post too:

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