AZ-303/AZ-304 vs AZ-104

AZ-303/AZ-304 VS AZ-104 | Microsoft Azure Architect V/S Azure Administrator

Curious to know which certification should you prefer while entering Cloud computing?

In this blog at, we are going to Compare the most famous and adopted Certification AZ-104 and AZ-303/AZ-304, with all comparisons.

In this blog we are going to cover the following topics:
• Cloud architect certification
• Cloud administration certification
• Exam details of both certifications

AZ-104 is an Administrative level Certification but AZ-303/AZ-304 is for Architect level certification. So, if you have the basic knowledge of Azure Services like VNet, VM, Storage then you can go with the AZ-303/304 first, but if you are not strong with the basics of Azure then you should go with AZ-104 Azure Administrator.

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