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Case Study: Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Power BI

Microsoft Azure Power BI Service is a leading tool in the market for some of the data-oriented career roles such as Data Science, Data Analyst and Business Intelligence. Its flexibility to use, the ability of complex data manipulation and analysis and creativity of visualization content have made it one of the high-paying career choices for BI users and designers. This blog post at k21academy.com/da10013 will walk you through a case study to publish a self-created Report in Microsoft Azure Power BI in your Azure Power BI account. Going through the case study helps you to reinforce your Power BI concepts and get technically sound.

Topics this blog post shall cover:

• Overview Of Power BI

• Demo: Case Study Introduction

• Step 1: Create An Azure User For Power BI

• Step 2: How To Sign-Up On Power BI

• A Glimpse Of Power BI Desktop

• Step 3: Process Datasets On Power BI

• Step 4: Merge The Datasets

• Step 5: Create A Power BI Report

• Step 6: Publish The Report

• Get Certified For Power BI: Microsoft [DA-100]

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