Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage: Features, Usage, And Steps to Create

Binary Large Object is the storage arena for text, audio, images, and video. Every blob resides inside a container. Blob storage act as the persistent store, where the data is stored for a long time. One of the advantages of Blob Storage is that it offers zone-wise redundant processes. Different copies of data are created in the same zone or across two separate zones in a zone redundant.

Blob Storage Features

The popularity of Azure Blob Storage is due to its various features like scalability, Availability, Data Lake Optimisation, and Cost-effective, and many more.

Why Choose Azure Blob Storage?

Azure Blob Storage is created for storing unstructured data. One can opt for Blob Storage for streaming audio and video files. Blob storage is also used for storing data during backup, archiving, restoring, and recovering. Extensive volume data used for analysis by Azure services are also stored here.

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• Types of Blob Storage

• Why Choose Blob Storage

• How to create Blob Storage

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