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Azure Web App: Working, Features, And Steps to Create

 Azure Web App Azure Web App is the service that helps us in developing the user interactive, multi-functional, secured, scalable, and highly reliable application. It is a platform that helps host web applications by building, deploying, and running applications. Azure Web App comes under Platform-as-a-Service.

 Deployment slot- reason for Azure Web App success The success of the Web App is due to the deployment slot. One can run different versions of the application simultaneously in the deployment slot. The deployment slot is used to check and verify the application’s performance.

 Why Azure Web App? The popularity of the Azure Web App is due to the remarkable features it offers like Multilanguage support, Docker and Container, High Availability, Compliance & Security, In-Built template, Scalability, DevOps Optimization, Site Extensions, and Low Maintenance cost.

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