Terraform vs Ansible

Terraform VS Ansible: Overview, Working & Provisioning

The Terraform vs. Ansible battle continues to escalate as the DevOps environment focuses more on automation and orchestration. These two tools help in automating configurations and deploying infrastructure.

What is Terraform?

It is an open-source tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure securely. It helps to develop and scale cloud services and manage the state of the network.

What is Ansible?

It is an open-source configuration management tool designed for provisioning and deploying applications. Hence, Ansible is the most significant way to automate and configure apps and infrastructure.

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• What is Ansible?

• How does Ansible work?

• Features of Ansible

• Difference between Terraform and Ansible Provisioning

• Configuration Management vs. Orchestration

• Procedural vs Declarative

• Terraform vs Ansible Provisioning

• Which one to choose: Terraform or Ansible?

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