Key Performance Indicator in Power BI

➤ What is KPI?

KPI is a Key Performance Indicator that helps in determining the amount of progress made towards a goal. It helps a business keep an eye on the overall growth and performance using certain parameters that focus on a particular result. In simple words, KPI indicates the current performance of a business to complete a target.

➤ KPI in Power BI

Power BI is one of the leading business intelligence tools present in the market that Microsoft provides. Using Power BI, a user can create interactive reports, visualizations, and dashboards. KPI in Power BI makes it easier to focus on the set of data that determines the growth of the business.

➤ How to Create KPI in Power BI

The creation of KPI in Power BI is not complicated at all. You will only need the Power BI Desktop tool and you are good to go. To learn how to create KPI in Power BI, visit the blog >>

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