How To Become Microsoft Azure Data Engineer?

An Azure Data Engineer is a highly skilled professional responsible for the integration, transformation and consolidation of the data from various structure formats. You should choose Azure Data Engineer as a career because Microsoft Azure is an emerging cloud computing platform that offers excellent services for companies and businesses. As Microsoft itself states that nearly 400,000 companies are registering on Azure platform every year. So, companies need Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineers who can handle various cloud-based operations of the company. Sounds interesting?

Well, check out this post that covers:

• Who is an Azure Data Engineer?

• Why Choose Azure Data Engineer?

• How to become an Azure Data Engineer?

• Exam Details

• Syllabus

• Basic Skills required for Azure Data Engineers

• Role-specific Skills for Data Engineers

• Azure Data Engineer Salary

• Why should Companies hire Azure Data Engineers?

• FAQs

• Conclusion

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