Everything you need to know about Power BI Service

This blog walks you through the Power BI Service and everything you need to know about Power BI Service Microsoft Power BI Service

The Power BI Service is a cloud-based☁️ service where users view and interact with the reports. The Microsoft Power BI service, also referred to as Power BI online, is the SaaS (Software as a Service) part of Power BI. Power BI Service Administration Power BI administration is the management of the organization-wide settings that control how Power BI works.

The users that are assigned to admin roles monitor configure and provision organizational resources. Power BI Service Architecture The Power BI Service is built on Azure, which is a Microsoft platform.

It is based on two clusters, i.e., the Web Front End (WFE) cluster and the Back-End cluster. Want to gain more insights into Power BI Service? Read the blog post at https://k21academy.com/da10034 to learn more.

In this blog, we cover

• Power BI Service Login

• What is Power BI Service?

• Power BI Service Administration

• Power BI Service Architecture

• Power BI Service Limitations

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