Schedule And Automate SQL Server DB Replication

In this blog, I have covered steps to Schedule And Automate SQL Server DB Replication between different servers [SQL Server 2017 or Windows Server 2016].

We cover this in detail in our Azure Data Database Administrator [DP-300] Training program. Introduction SQL Server DB replication is a technology that is used to copy or distribute, data and database objects from one database to another.

Also, it synchronizing between databases to maintain consistency and integrity of the data. In most cases, replication is a process of reproducing the data at the desired targets.

SQL Server replication is used for copying and synchronizing data continuously or it can also be scheduled to run at predetermined intervals.

There are several different replication techniques that support a variety of data synchronization approaches;


one-to-many; many-to-one;

and bi-directional,

and keep several datasets in sync with each other.

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Topics, we’ll cover:

1. Introduction

2. Create SQL Server On Azure

3. Prepare The Production SQL Server

4. Creating Backup On SQL Server Production

5. Restoring The Backup On SQL Server Test

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