Plan And Implement Data Platform Resources

In plan and implement data platform resources we Configure virtual machine sizing, storage, and networking options to ensure adequate performance for your database workloads.

Provision and deploy Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL managed instance. And compare and configure Open Source Azure Database offerings with Azure SQL offerings.

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Azure Virtual Machine Families General-purpose
•        Balanced CPU to memory ratio
•        Sizes: B, Dsv3, Dv3, DC, DCv2, DSv2, Dav4Memory Optimised
•        High memory to CPU
•        Sizes: Esv3, Ev3, Eav4, Mv2, DSv2
Storage Optimised
•        High disk throughput provided by local storage
•        Sizes: Lsv2
Compute Optimised
•        High CPU to memory ratio
•        Sizes: Fsv2
High-Performance Compute
•        Most Powerful CPU
•        Sizes: HB, HBv2, HC, H

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