Why Use Python For ML & AI?

Have you wondered how video-streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix fetch videos that you like  Or how do Google and Facebook find stories that are interesting to you

:point_right: This is because of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms – These algorithms are coded using a programming language in such a way that they can analyze your behavior.

:point_right: And…these algorithms are coded in one of the most popular programming languages of the current times: PYTHON

When you code in Python, you get a well-structured & tested environment where you can quickly turn your ideas into action. It takes less coding and time to solve problems.

Read the blog at to know the reasons why Python is preferred over other languages for AI & ML and the career opportunities with Python in this field.

The blog covers the following topics:
:dart: AI & ML Quick Recap
:dart: Python Overview
:dart: Reasons to choose Python for AI/ML
:dart: Python Career Opportunities

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