Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate [DP-203] Exam Questions

In this blog, we are going to cover Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate DP-203 Interview Questions that give you an idea and understanding that generally what type of questions are asked when someone starts their journey in the data engineering field.

Data Engineer has duties and responsibilities to administrate the unorganized data and new data types like streaming data. It demands learning and knowledge on how to practice a new set of tools, mechanisms, platforms, additional technologies such as HDInsight and Cosmos DB, and programming languages such as SQL or Python. And, becoming a Data Engineer requires ace a job interview.

So, for your assistance, we at K21Academy are providing this article which includes the more occurring interview questions and their answers.

Q.1 Explain Azure Data Factory.

Cloud-based integration assistance grants creating data-driven workflows in the cloud for organizing and automating data movement and data transmutation.Managing Azure data factory, one can design and schedule the data-driven workflows known as pipelines that can ingest data from different data stores.
It can prepare and mold the data by utilizing compute services such as Spark, HDInsight Hadoop, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Data Lake Analytics.In any case, you will need to tap into an exhaustive question bank to practice more before the scheduled interview, Click here to download 80+ Questions In our Azure Data Engineer training program, we will cover 27 Hands-On Labs.

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