Microsoft Azure Database Administrator [DP-300] Exam Questions

In this blog, we are going to cover Microsoft Azure Database Administrator Associate DP-300 Exam Questions that give you an idea and understanding that generally what type of questions are asked in the DP-300 Associate-level Exam.

Azure Database Administrator Associate [DP-300] Certificate is important This includes administering knowledge around T-SQL for administrative management purposes.

Participants successfully completing the DP-300 examination allows individuals to Manage, Secure, and introduce optimization around modern relational database solutions.

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Q.1 You have to migrate an on-premises database named domain-db to an Azure SQL Managed Instance. You have carried out the following tasks so far. • Created an SMB network share • Ensure all firewall rules had been set on the source and destination server-side You have to perform an online migration. Costs should be minimized wherever possible. Which of the following needs to be stored in the SMB network share that the database migration service would use?

A) Transaction files

B) VHD files

C) Database Backup files

D) Log files

Explanation: Correct Answers: C In the SMB file share, you have to store the full database backup and the subsequent log files. The Database migration service requires this. The other options are incorrect because the files required by the Database migration service are the backup files.

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