AWS Cloud Practitioner: Step By Step Activity Guides (Hands-On Labs)

βœ”οΈ Are you planning to start your career journey in cloud computing or confused with which cloud you should go for? Then I strongly recommend you to go for π€π¦πšπ³π¨π§ π–πžπ› π’πžπ«π―π’πœπžπ¬ (𝐀𝐖𝐒) as it is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

πŸ“– The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course provides individuals with an overall understanding of the AWS cloud platform. It is the foundational level of AWS certification. Many individuals continue on to a specific certification after completing Cloud Practitioner. The certification offers an overview of core services offered by AWS, security, network, and cloud pricing, and the available support services.

πŸ“š Read our blog on AWS Cloud Practitioner Hands-on lab that will help you get started with your AWS Cloud journey.

9 Hands-on labs from 11 Modules topics covered are:

✏️ Introduction to Cloud & AWS
✏️ Global Infrastructure & Reliability
✏️ Compute in the Cloud
✏️ Networking in AWS
✏️ Load Balancer, AutoScaling & Route 53
✏️ Storage & Database
✏️ Security
✏️ Monitoring & Messaging Services
✏️ AWS Developer Tools
✏️ Pricing & Support

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