Structured Streaming With Azure Event Hubs

In this blog, we are covering Structured Streaming, Events Hubs, Streaming With Event Hubs

What Is Structured Streaming

Apache Spark Structured Streaming is a fast, scalable, and fault-tolerant stream processing API. You can use it to perform analytics on your streaming data in near real-time. With Structured Streaming, you can use SQL queries to process streaming data in the same way that you would process static data. The API continuously increments and updates the final data.

What Is Event Hub

Azure Event Hubs is a scalable real-time data ingestion service that processes millions of data in a matter of seconds. It can receive large amounts of data from multiple sources and stream the prepared data to Azure Data Lake or Azure Blob storage.

Azure Event Hubs can be integrated with Spark Structured Streaming to perform the processing of messages in near real-time. You can query and analyze the processed data as it comes by using a Structured Streaming query and Spark SQL.

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Topics we’ll cover:

What is structured streaming

What is Event Hub Component of Azure Event Hubs

What is Event Hub Streaming With Event Hubs

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