Data Engineering : All you need to know

📍In the IT industry , you might have heard about the word “Data Engineer”. Today we are going to study everything about data engineering.

📍Data Engineer is someone who collects, uses and analyze the data at scale, Every organization have large amount of data and they need some people and technology who can make a high and good use of that data, They aim to make data easily accessible and to optimize their organization’s big data ecosystem

📍The amount of data an engineer works on varies according to the organizations. The bigger the organizations, the more complex data will be there , some organizations are really sensitive about data for example healthcare and financial services.

📍 Roles of Data Engineer
• Pipeline-centric Engineers
• Generalists
• Database-centric Engineers

📍 Responsibilities of Data Engineer
• Build data systems and pipelines
• Interpret trends and patterns
• Evaluate business needs and objectives

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