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Security Modules (OES Client) in Oracle Entitlement Server (OES) 11g

  Oracle Entitlement Server (OES) is a fine-grained authorization product and part of Access Management Suite. 1. OES consists of : a) OES 11g Administration Console : Authorization Policy Manager (APM) : This is server side components installed as part of Identity & Access Management¬†software. b) OES 11g Client (SM) : OES Security Module is […]

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How to bind and unbind applications to SM using OES API?

In OES 11g, the applications can be binded to SM instances either through OES Admin console or through API. In this post I would like to provide sample code snippet to do the same. Assuming that there is a proper jps-config.xml of an SM instance, the code snippet will work if the JPS Context is […]

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Import and export policies in OES 11g using API

My friend has already posted about exporting and importing policies in OES 11g through command line. However, if you wish to do the same operation using OES 11g API, here is what you need to do: Use the jps-config.xml as specified in the above posts for export and import respectively. The below code snippet will […]

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