COREid was Identity Management solution from Oblix formerly known as Oblix Netpoint. Oblix was taken over by Oracle two years ago in march 2005

Oblix COREid used to include
–Web Single Sign-On ,
–User Self Service and Self Registration,
–User provisioning,
Reporting & Auditing,
–Policy Management,
–Dynamic groups and
–Delegated administration.

Oblix COREid products were re-branded as Oracle-COREid and consist
a) Oracle-COREid Access & Identity
b) Oracle-COREid Federation
c) Oracle-COREid Provisioning
d) Oracle Web Service Manager

What is Oracle’s latest Identity Management offering ?
Oracle has released Oracle Identity Management version 10.1.4 and key components of Oracle IdM offerings are
– Oracle Access Manager
– Oracle Identity Manager
– Oracle Identity Federation
– Oracle Internet Directory
– Oracle Virtual Directory
– Oracle Web Service Manager and
– Oracle Single Sign-On Suite

(OID, SSO, Virtual Directory were part of earlier version of Oracle’s Identity Management solutions and few new components which I am going to cover in my coming posts)