Start / Stop UCM (Stellent) Content Server idcserver_start idcadmin_start

This post covers start/stop script for Oracle Content Server.

Content Server is the core component of Oracle Content Management Components (ECM – Enterprise Content Management or UCM – Universal Content Management). All content, regardless of content type, is stored in web repository or database repository.

Main component of Content Serveri) Content Server- Java Application

ii) Web Server
– interface between outside users and content server. Web Server talks to Content Server using CGI. A dedicated security filter runs on Web Server which handles all interaction with Web browsers and other applications, and also checks user credentials.

iii) Content Database
– stores metadata of all revisions of all content managed by Content Server. It also stores other information like user details, roles, accounts, workflow definitions, subscriptions ….


Start Content Server

1. Start Database and Database Listener
2.Start Content Sever – [content_server_install_dir]/etc/ idcserver_[start|restart]  (idcserver_start)
3.Start Admin Server – [content_server_install_dir]/admin/etc/ idcadmin_[start|restart]  (idcadmin_start)
4. Start Web Server



Stop Content Server

1. Stop Web Server
2.Stop Admin Server – [content_server_install_dir]/admin/etc/ idcadmin_stop
3.Stop Content Sever – [content_server_install_dir]/etc/ idcserver_stop
4. Stop Database and Database Listener

Things good to know
1. Content Server default port is 4444
2. Admin Server default port is 4440

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