Patching Commonly asked questions

Where can I find patch log files ? ( Check

What are different type of patches ?

How to check if a patch is applied ?
Check table ad_bugs (bug_number ) or ad_applied_patches table .

What two tables adpatch creates when you apply or run adpatch session ?

Is uninstalling apps patch applied using adpatch supported ?
No (Supported version is to restore from backup )

How to apply a patch when adpatch is running & you come to know that a patch needs to be applied before that patch ?
Broad level steps are Shutdown workers using adctrl, backup above two tables, backup .rf9 files, Drop these two table mentioned above, apply patch which you were suppose to apply , restore .rf9 files , restore two tables which you backed up earlier & restart patch again .

Whats defaults file ?
This is to apply patch non interactively more Coming soon ( i ‘ll post on this soon )

Few methods to reduce patch timing ?
Use defaults file, merge patches & apply as single patch, use high batch size depneding on your system resource, select carefully number of workers while running patching, if upgrade use staged appl_top ( more coming on this in future, please note staged appl_top is different from shared appl_top )

How to control workers ?
using adctrl .

If you encounter any questions related to adpatch and not clear about it, please mail it to me & I will get back to you with in 48 hours . Mail me at

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Anonymous says August 15, 2006

Good work…keep going

Anonymous says August 16, 2006

The blog is good,but your web site is better.Waiting to see the updates there.

Anonymous says August 26, 2006

Hi Atul
While Patching, As Per documents
1. We have to set the environment variables
2. We should enable Maintenance Mode
3. Stop Services (current Mgr, Forms Server, web server)
4. Apply Patches thru ad Patch (As per Read me file) & review the log files
5. Disable Maintenance Mode (adadmin)
My seniors skipped 1 & 3.
Please explain why he had skip the above 1 & 3 steps
Thanks & Regards

Atul Kumar says August 26, 2006

Thats very valid question . No you should never skip setting Environment Variables. Since mostly env. variable files are called from user profile so as soon as you login to applications from o.s. user it automatically sets environment variables thats why ur seniors might not be seeting env. variables.

Enable maintenance mode was introduced in I suppose Ad.I.2 you can skip that by option=hotpatch so like adpach options=hotpatch

There is no need to stop services but if your patch changes any executable which your services might be using you see unexpected behaviour during patch applications.

Oracle is recommending to stop but its not necessary so for a starter its better to stop services & as you grow in apps dba you can decide to stop or not


Anonymous says August 31, 2006

This is my first post/comment on ur blog..I must say Hats-Off to u…Keep up the good work..Coming to the query part?? can u put some light on .lgi files which are created along with .log files during patch application…

Thankz and Regards

Atul Kumar says August 31, 2006

Thanks a lot for your compliments. Coming to your query about lgi file while patch , I can never forget this question because I was not aware of this five years ago when someone asked me this question during Apps Interview ­čÖé

lgi stands for log information ( lgi ) this stores informative message while patching which can be helpful to understand what patch is actually doing. Though I never came across anyone till now who ever opened this file.


walkingtall says February 24, 2007

Hi Atul,
Is there a way we can login when maintence mode is on??

walkingtall says February 24, 2007

Hi Atul,
Is there a way we can login when maintence mode is on??

Atul Kumar says February 24, 2007

Yes you can login but application will behave strangely like responsibility missing or functions/menus not available

arvind says September 18, 2009


Can we get the date/time as when we’ve applied the patches on apps environments?



Atul Kumar says September 18, 2009

@ Arvind,
Yes this is possible , check patch history from OAM (Oracle Application Manager)


patch history table apps.ad_bugs (column LAST_UPDATE_DATE)

Deeksha says February 7, 2011


I have applied MLR#8 over the SOA After applying the patch the BPEL console does not allow to initiate a BPEL process. It throws “ Failed to read WSDL from http://host:port/orabpel/default/BPEL_HELLOWORLD/1.0/BPEL_HELLOWORLD.xsd:WSDL not found”. This is the same case with all the deployed BPEL Processes. When checked the status
opmnct status -app
Shows that the orabpel is down. How do I resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance

Atul Kumar says February 8, 2011

@ Deeksha,
Could you please post patch number for MLR#8 for SOA which you applied ?

S.KAKOLLU says August 5, 2011

Hi Atul,
I am not able to unzip the patch that I have copied to my node.I gave all permissions but still I am not able to unzip the patch.
either this file is not a zipfile or it constitutes one disk of multi part archive.

and it is giving like patch is a plain executable

can you give the reason for thai and how to solve the issue in 11i.


Atul Kumar says August 5, 2011

This means patch did not download properly. Download again

Ezpali says September 23, 2011

Hi Atul, I am trying to apply hrglobal.drv patch using adpatch utility. Is there a syntax I need to use? I ran adpatch but its been running for some time, I did not provide any parameter. Please let me know.

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