Oracle Applications 11i Health Checks

Quite often you as apps dba startup and shutdown Apps 11i Services. Sometime you apply patches as well & after patching once you start services & handover apps instance to users . Its quite annoying when users complain that this services is not running or a particular component is down. Sometime reports are not displaying properly or discoverer services are down.

I have groups together all checks & named it as health check at

So from now onwards before releasing your test or production Instance you know what all component you have to check & how . Like how to check if observed, Report Server, Concurrent Manager , workflow, discoverer is Up & working fine . This also explain how to check if discoverer viewer or discoverer plus ( what is URl to access same ) .

Checks which are included in this health check are
– How to check if apps Web Server is Up
– How to check if mod_jserv & self service applications are working fine .
– How & where to check concurrent manager is Up & requests are displayed properly
– Check form server is Up by logging into core application
Lot more about Reports, Discoverer, workflow so check all this

If you think I have missed something drop me a mail at

Please do leave your comments here about your views on topics here , how relevant are these to you & what you want to hear from me. You comments & feedback are very important to improve this page .

Happy Learning – Oracle Applications 11i dba.

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Muhammad Rawish Siddiqui says April 6, 2010

What about R12 Health Check?

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