Apps technical 11i DBA Interview questions

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Lot of guys asked me about apps 11i Interview questions for DBA or Sysadmin or technical questions so I am going to discuss on this today & in my coming posts in future . First of all Interview questions depends on your work experience , what you have mentioned in your CV or what is client’s requirements (His/Her expertise in role) . Critical is what you have written in your CV & questions automatically comes out of depending on your answers. AS there is no short cuts for success same applies to oracle Apps 11i Interview questions. If you know basics & have good hands on you can easily crack 11i interviewed as apps dab or sysadmin .

As I always say most important focus goes on basics & things do in your day today life as apps dba or apps 11i ssyadmin. These questions vary from simple to advanced for dba’s from 6 months to 5 years of experience . Each day I will discuss one advanced question or 3-4 basic questions . Soon I am going to put all apps 11i Interview questions for dba with answers in my site at (Please note don’t mug up any question answer but Understand logic & concept behind that else Interviewer can easily catch that you have read questions in some site .

So here is very basic question which most of senior apps dba ask or used to ask from budding oracle apps 11i dba’s . I want you to think on this question before trying to find answer about it on my site at

Q1. What is file ? Where to find it in file system ? Why or what oracle apps component use this file & what’s content of this file ? (Usually asked from apps dba with 6 months to 3 years exp.)

Think for it & wait for my answer in next post or if you can’t wait hit my site

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