Apps 11i DBA preparation

As I am getting lots of request for how one should prepare for Oracle Apps 11i DBA in
Technical domain including Sysadmin, I am summing up things you should learn / study in
order to understand E-Business Suite 11i . The topics mentioned below, which you should
read in order to become apps DBA or as part of your Oracle Apps DBA training will include
roles & responsibilities of oracle Apps DBA.

1. Apps Architecture
This is key topic & you should be very clear about Oracle Applications/E-Business Suite
11i components & Architecture. This is base of your knowledge & if you are not clear about
various components & uses it will be quite difficult in learning Apps.
Where to find Oracle Applications 11i architecture in Ocean of oracle Application
technical documentation. Well I agree with you go straight to and go through chapter 1 (Page 13 to Page 32 Just 20 Pages)

2. Installing Apps 11i
Next point in apps dba training is Oracle Apps 11i Install using Rapid Install preferably on Linux/Unix
Where to find Rapid Install 11i Oracle Apps Guide This is guide by Oracle for a start Chapter 1 & 2 are enough page 13 to p 63 is enough to understand Installation)
Where to find Discs / software for Oracle Apps 11i E-Business Suite : You can download it via or order it via your Metalink account . Once you got CD , please do install Apps atleast once in order to understand & to familiarize your self with Oracle Applications

3. Apps 11i File System/Software
Once you installed applications 11i using above guide on Unix/Windows/Linux software then login as Operating System User & check directories while going through document Chapter 2 Applications File System (P39- 48) very important in understanding Database Server & Application Server Tier & various tops like DATA_TOP, ORA_TOP, APPL_TOP, COMN_TOP, AD_TOP….
If you know your applications 11i File system you know where to find particular component files & logs .

I think this is enough for keep you going for 10-15 days , pay as much attention you can on these basics as these are building blocks of your careers as Apps DBA. For remaining tips on how & from what to prepare next like AD Utility(patching, adsplice,..), Cloning … I’ll update you tomorrow .

Now you can raise your doubts/questions/issue in forum at (Dedicated to Apps DBA’s)

Atul Kumar

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Ramana says October 3, 2006

Hi Atul

Thanks a lot for your time and help. I have completed the 3 parts you have mentioned i.e Architecture, installation and file systems. I have done a single node installation on Solaris SPARC server and is working fine.

Could you pls guide as how to proceed further….Also I would like to create users with access to different modules and so on..Please advise.

Thanks in advance..

Best Regards

Anonymous says October 3, 2006

awe some work..thank you so much, Its a wondeful guide for all dba’s.

Atul Kumar says October 3, 2006

Thats good news . I think you have done pretty much for a start , Are you working some where on apps. You can start looking into apps patching & cloning now .

May be upgrade in future .


Atul Kumar says October 3, 2006

By the way what do you means by… I would like to create users with access to different modules and so on..

Authorization in apps is controlled by responsibilities.


Ramana says October 4, 2006


Thanks a lot for your response and encouragement. I have not yet started working on prodn system. I have installed Apps( on my ODC test server and trying to get hands on. I have plans to take up an Oracle Apps DBA assignment soon. As you suggested, will try my hands on patching and cloning.

When I go through the Apps documentation on responsibiltes I could not find any practical examples. Could you please write an article on “Creating and mananging Users in Apps” as all your articles are very easy to comprehend and are giving a clear understanding, like your various TOPS explanations.

Keep your good work going.

Hats Off..


Atul Kumar says October 4, 2006

Thanks Ramana,
I’ll try to post on creating users & adding reponsibilities under oracle apps security section oin apps system administration section. I am still at Apps DBA sections & lot way to go like

SSL on apps in Web Server / Forms & database
Parallel Concurrent Processing &
Demystifying Autoconfig

satya says October 9, 2006

hi Atul,
first of all i want ot congratulate u for providing such a wonderful site.
I am working for satyam computers from the past 2 yrs(i joined as ELTP).I am having exp in java-j2ee, now i came to know that Oracle fusion which is the upcoming series is built on java/j2ee techs. SO i am planning to learn Oracle Apps. What would be best for me Oracle apps or some self server applications in Oracle.

Atul Kumar says October 9, 2006

Nice to hear from you. Yes oracle is coming with fusion & in next apps release i.e. Rel 12 , you will see Oc4J & 10g iAS

It depends on what you want to learn , if you want to beconme developer then OA Framewrok may be good for start .
If you want to move in Apps DBA soon I am going to cover on Fusion Middle ware , includign SOA ( Service Oriented architecture)


Amresh says November 4, 2006

Hi Ramana,

To create user you have to have system administrator resp and then go to security –>define

This is the form now you can create user and add responsibility with them


Anonymous says December 13, 2006

Hi Atul,

I think Fusion is not same as Release 12. Fusion is a release planned after Release 12 which will combine Oracle’s acquired products like JD Edwards and Siebel

– Vikram

Atul Kumar says December 13, 2006

Yes Vikram you are right .

Fusion Applications is release after Ver 12.

For Fusion Middleware , which is collection of middleware like 10g AS, Collaboration Suite, SOA Suite , data hub.. its available .


Vikram says December 19, 2006

Here’s an update from Steven Chan: Distinguishing Release 12 from Fusion Applications

– Vikram

Bhakti says December 19, 2006

Hi All,

My name is Bhakti Prasad Dash,
I am a Oracle DBA working in IBM ,India.
I have just started my apps studies with the help of Mr. Vikram Das.

I hope i will get all relevant suggestions from all of you.


Anonymous says December 26, 2006

Guru Gr8 Atul ji,
It is realy a wonderfull help you did for people like me. I’m assigned APPS DBA where the implementation is already going on to way of production and the DBA has done already his installation 3-4 months back and left. I’m newbi to hear this APPS and was having tension “what is apps”. Now i’m lucky, Atul Guruji has given me chance to learn this apps and it realy helping me lot. I’m basically oracle core dba expreinced. Thanks, once again to Guru Atul ji!

Sergio says March 5, 2007

Hi Atul,

Thanks for all the work and information in this web site. I’ve just migrated an 11.5.9 instance from 9i non RAC to 10g RAC with two RAC DB nodes with concurrent processing tier and PCP enabled. I also added a third node containing the web and forms services. Now I need to add a fourth node containing the forms and web services to provide fault tolerance and load balancing for that tier.
Is it possible without using a hardware load balancer ?


Sergio Chong

Atul Kumar says March 5, 2007

You can use DNS server as your load balancer.


Vivek says April 7, 2007

Hello Atul
You are doing great job, i m Oracle 9i certified DBA and want to enter Apps Field,Can u tell me frm where i can get Apps Software, becz its very heavy software n impossible to download (appox 35 GB). I m trying from the past 1 month to download this from net but failed.So suggest me plzzzzzzzzzzz.
Thanks a lot

Atul Kumar says April 7, 2007

You can get CD’s from oracle via Metalink

vicky says April 23, 2007

Hi Atul

I am unable to find media pack of oracle 11i on metalink. can you send me a link. I have metalink id. plz its urgent for me.



Atul Kumar says April 24, 2007

link for media pack for 11i is

Shravan Deekonda says May 16, 2007

hi Atul,
I hav a doubt,
Afer Knowing about File System Only, a person can easily install Apps,isn’t it?


Atul Kumar says May 17, 2007

For installation you go through installation doc . File system is important in understaning and troubleshooting apps

Jai says July 8, 2007

Hi Atul,

I am a budding DBA, am OCA 9i already and would be DBA within a fortnight. My problem is that I am self studied person, and thus have very little hands on experience. As the job market goes its a catch 22 with me, no job–> no experience and vice versa. How can I get some quality experience with 9i as well as upgrade to application 11 i DBA.

aarifhs says July 10, 2007

Hi Atul,

I am OCP(DBA) and have just done a course in Oracle Apps DBA.
I am working as a Technical consultant in Oracle Apps.I am finding it hard to get a job as an Apps DBA, what are your suggestions on how to get one.

Thanks and regards,

Atul Kumar says July 10, 2007

Getting first apps dba job is always tough so keep trying and upload CV to job sites and keep contacting companies . good luck for your job hunt

ved says September 21, 2007

Hi Atul,
Could you help me?
i am using the oracle application with windows XP.
i am facing the problem, when i run the concurrent program
transfer from AP to Gl.
concurrent program complete with error. while i using the all things correct for this.
could you help me>
thanks in advance

ved says September 21, 2007

Hi Atul,
i am using the oracle application with Windows XP.
when i run the concurrent program
“Transfer from AP to GL”.
it completed with error. please help me

thanks in advance

Atul Kumar says September 24, 2007

Update error log for request failing .

Debasis says December 15, 2008

Hi Atul,

Can u suggest me ,which is good institute for doing oracle aaps dba in hyderabad.

Thanks in Advance


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