Oracle Apps DBA 11i Interview Questions

Lot of you have requested for Oracle Applications 11i questions frequently asked during Apps DBA Interview.

I have listed apps technical questions on my site under

There are around 13 pages currently with more than 50+ questions. You can view questions by clicking on Next Page and Previous Page at bottom of page.
There you might find some good appsdba interview questions with answers and few are without answers which I am going to update soon . These questions are usually asked in apps dba certification as well.

So for good apps 11i interview questions for apps dba’s click

Based on feedback from one on you I have listed what pages have been changed on my site at on right bar under small table with heading
Recently Updated” so you can check what’s new posting with date .

If you are not happy with answer or want to submit any question for other apps dba’s mail me at

Happy Learning
Atul Kumar
Oracle Apps DBA

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Ashok Kumar says February 24, 2012



Is there a way to enable trace for a concurrent program that is already running? If yes, what are the steps?


Atul Kumar says February 27, 2012

@ Ashok Kumar,
Yes , it is possible to enable trace for CM program which is already running . For steps check

Ashok Kumar says February 27, 2012

Thanks Atul.

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