10g Application Server Basics

Currently with 11.5.8-9-10 or may be previous versions you might be using 9i Application Server Version . As you are aware 10g Application Server 10.1.x.x as well is now certified with Oracle Applications 11i , I think its quite important for you to learn 10g Application Server basics as well.

P.S. For Oracle Applications 11i newbie or new Oracle users 10g Application Server is different from 10g Database.

10g Application Server is also important because with next Oracle Applications E-Business Suite Release (Which I assume is going to be named as R12 ) is coming with 10g Application Server replacing current 9iAS . (This is for information purpose only)
10 g Application Server is also important because of Oracle Internet Directory & Oracle Single Sign-On ( OID & SSO ) features. As I have been working on 10g Application Server with its first release as version 9.0.4 I thought of sharing this knowledge with you in my second blog (I’ll update it once a week most probably on weekends ) with basics & where to find study material & what you should read w.r.t. 11i & 10g Integration .

Here is the link http://oracleapplicationserver.blogspot.com/ you can check it from first link under “blogroll” on your left hand side i.e. 10g Application Server

Happy Learning
Atul Kumar

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Anonymous says August 30, 2006

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peternikhiltej says January 29, 2008


wat is the difference between oracle 10g and oracle 10gAS

Atul says January 30, 2008

Oracle 10g is nothing but a version number which can be for database, application server, collaboration suite, identity management product.

Usually when some one says Oarcle 10g he means database.

10g AS stands for Application Server

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